Thursday, April 22, 2010

I'm a sucker

I said "NO" to the Easter Bunny bringing chicks this Easter.  The first year in about 10 years that it isn't so.  Growing up, my parents always made sure we had chicks, ducks...lambs one year for Easter.  And so when Cole was a baby I decided to try it.  But we live on land which means that we could keep them rather than shipping them off to the nearest farm when they got a little too big.  So my hubby built the "chicken mansion" for our three chickens, which I though to be very unnecessary at the time.  But through the years, it has come in handy with the hundreds of chickens we've been through.  We've had skunks and owls, minks and dogs.....nature has taken it's tole many times.  And after last fall, when we took 14 of our friends' full-grown hens, I had decided I could possibly be done.  They cost a ton to feed, they're a LOT of work, and I'm tired.  So when I was asked if we'd be getting some (after the e. bunny talk), I said "NO".....or maybe it was more like "HECK NO".

But how can you resist THIS face?????  
We went to the feed store to get more grub for the "big girls" and this was what I got...
from ALL three of my boys.

The cuteness KILLS me! 
(yes, I know they get big!)

These hands promised they would take care of them.....
Mommy wouldn't have to do 

I'm a Sucker.
(my oldest even told me so afterward).


Anonymous said...

You are a SUCKER!!!
I would have NEVER given into this.
Love you,
Your Hubby

love said...

oh SO CUTE!!!!

if we had any kind of land, i would totally give in, too. i LOVE it.

also--i'm going to check back, but please do let me know when the shirts are in if i forget! =)

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