Monday, April 12, 2010

God pulls through again

I'm done sulking now.  I got a call today from one of the restaurants (Casey's Cafe in Chamberlain) we stopped at on our way back from Mitchell yesterday.  It's actually my mom's cousin who owns it--and she let me know that she had my drivers license (and my wallet).  Luke pulled it out to look at something and must have dropped it on the floor.  She said she'd mail it out today.  Thank goodness SHE found it because my debit card was inside. Wow how things work out!
More good news.......Our home-study came in the mail today....very late, considering when they sent it, but it came! :0)  Then the t-shirts I have been soo tirelessly working on (without a successful outcome) got the final touches, which I'm optimistically hoping will print as beautiful as they look on paper. :0)  I completed the paperwork for our I-600A to send out this week (such a good feeling).  And all that's left is to take my husband's last-minute photos for our passports and dossier when he arrives at all hours of the night!  I can then get our dossier sent out.  I am soo happy for the families around us who are beating the double-trip rule to Ethiopia, but I can't help but say how I'm a little envious.  
just maybe... 
a tiny miracle 

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