Friday, February 26, 2010

Comments, Comments!!!!...........where ARE they all????

Did I ever mention that I LOVE getting comments?  I look at the numbers of pages that all of you read in a day, and very few people respond with a comment.  So if you were wondering if you should.......YES!!!!.....please do!!  I want to hear your thoughts and ideas and stories and questions!!  By all means use my blog as a tool to use your voice!!  I WANT to hear from you! And I will respond if there is something you'd like me to respond to.  I know not everyone will like what I say, which is fine because I write for myself anyway.......but let me know what you think.....KAY???? :0)   Glad I got that out.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I WON.........AGAIN!!!!!I

Okay, so the really fun part about being a "blogger" is that all of my adopting friends have these groovy drawings on their blogs!  
Remember how I said "I NEVER win ANYTHING!!"?  Well, 'lil miss Kristi helped me AGAIN stop feeling sorry for myself!!  yay!!  I won a 147 Million Orphans t-shirt!!  I am sooooo excited!  Because I won, but also because if I weren't saving money for our own adoption I would buy a fund-raising item from each and every one of these fantastic families!  
I LOVE their products--
so that's the bonus. 
Yay me!!!!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

down in tears

The other day I was signing a card and thinking about how people sign "baby" at the bottom with the rest of the family. So I thought about doing this (which I always thought was ridiculous, but may have done it myself a few times in the past)....
and I broke 
down in 
I was praying last night before I went to bed and thought about the moment that we meet "her" for the first time and wondering if I would want to keep the same girl's name that I have had picked out for years, or if something else will come up the moment I see her....and then 
I broke 
down in 
I was shopping with my friend Melanie after Christmas and we laughed about how we're both pregnant--she's physically preggers and I will hopefully have a baby in nine months (with some beautiful luck)...I just won't gain the weight or have my usual hip problems, etc. So thinking about this the other day, well, guess made 
me break 
down in 
 My tears are happy and sad and every emotion in between and I'm sure there will be more to come. My tears come from knowing that we will soon bring a girl--yes, I know it!!--a girl!! into this testosterone-filled house in just a few months. My boys will have the little sister they have prayed for...longed for...talked about for a whole year. And we will be soo blessed by her presence that our hearts will be filled up..... What a surreal idea that we are adopting. The family who was content with their three boys out riding their bikes and camping and hiking without any help, is going to have another child.....and it will be a girl. The family who never thought that it was possible because there was soo much at stake and heartache going to love and cherish this sweet little life. She will be ours and we will be hers and when I think of it all......
the dam 

Monday, February 22, 2010

watch and YOU will believe

(to hear, click on the pause button on my playlist to the right).

is this BEAUTIFUL, or what?

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Life is like a rainbow......awwwww

These are our belated VALENTINE"S DAY pictures that I was going to take and send out in a card!  No such luck!  We sure had fun, but boy was it cold!!!  Bbbbbrrrrrrr!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Last week down..........on to the next!

This has been one rough week!  If you are one of my friends who has heard it....sorry.  Then there are those sweet peeps on Facebook who just wanna know more and I didn't feel the need to elaborate THERE! Nope!  It really just helps me to get it all out here. So I caution's a little on the lengthy side!

The beginning of the week the kids and I got our dreaded TB tests done for our adoption. If you know me well you will know that I am very well educated on vaccinations (or at least enough to know what I want) and have given up on them for various reasons.  Sooooo when I was told about the TB test for the whole family I asked around.  I was told it was a skin prick just like most allergy tests, which I decided I could handle.  Although when we got to the health center the nurse pulled out the needles filled with liquid which caught me off guard.  I have been feeling very peaceful about all things during this process, so I made a quick decision not to panic......God has told me when I needed to switch direction and this didn't seem to be one of those times. So we continued on......only to have my oldest complaining shortly after of aches and pain down his whole left side of his body.  First his arm, then his leg, then into his shoulder, up his neck, and then his face and head.  His gums even hurt to brush.  The answer I got from the doctor?  It COULDN"T be the test....he MUST be coming down with something.  OK, so here's a perfectly healthy kid who hasn't been seen by a doctor in three or more years for sickness and all the sudden one whole side of his body is in pain.  I DON"T THINK SO!  And now I know how the parent with the autistic child feels after their healthy child gets a vacc. and starts to show signs.  Do they think we're idiots?  I'm sorry, but VERY frustrating.  The doctor proceeded to tell me I shouldn't be concerned unless he starts to have difficulty breathing or can't breathe at all, or if his speech changes.  Okay, so what about the fact that he could wake up paralyzed? or not at all?  Fortunately the next day he was feeling better and by the end of the day he was back to normal.  In the meantime I did the research that I should have done BEFORE the test.  I found that one of the main ingredients in the test is a preservative called PHENOL (remember that one), which is a toxin used in plastics and many other hazardous substances.  I believe I also read it is common in many allergy sprays and medications.  And guess what???  The side effects if you are allergic (and my thought.....if you know it's a toxin, then why would you allow it in your body at all?) are numbness and aches in one side of the body.  Hmmmmm......pure coincidence, I'm sure.  And just because you are a doctor or nurse you will not change my opinion about what I endured.  What would you think if it were YOUR child?  Coincidence indeed.

Dic and I went in for our required physicals on Wednesday.  Everything went as planned, except for the part when the doctor informed me of the dense, fiberous tissue during my breast exam.  Dang!  I knew I was forgetting something!  I meant to get that checked a month ago!  She set up an appt for a mammogram yesterday, which seemed perfectly normal at the time.  I mean, I AM 37 and 1/2! and things start to change, right?  So I was pretty calm about the whole thing...until I was getting ready in the morning.  I know lots of women who have talked about having the same thing.  Not a big deal, right?  Then I thought about the fact that my sister just had cancer not too long ago.  Not that her cancer was in her breast, but unsettling to say the least.  I wish I would have had a "peace" button at the time.  Dic met me there, which was really nice.  And the appt that went from being  a 15-20 minute appt for the rest of the women I saw, turned into an hour for me.  They also did an ultrasound....then the doctor came in.  Now THAT can NEVER be good---that's what I thought.  I was scared.  I prayed A LOT.  I cried inside trying to prepare myself for the worst.  I have three boys who depend on me, and one that God has sent me looking for..........I was emotional, to say the least.  I decided I was not going to be the girl who sits around and cries about it.  I would not be the girl who was completely consumed by fears and negativity.  If this was really happening I would be the girl who holds her head high.....does what needs to be done.....keeps a positive attitude......and enjoys every day.  I would be the girl to beat it.  And I thought about my friend's comment that God wouldn't send us on this journey to do His will, without taking care of us.  So the result is that I have a benign tumor that needs to be rechecked again in 6 months to see if there are any changes.  Not the best news I've ever heard, but surely not the worst.  And I have a choice to make some changes in my life.  I take care of everyone else's needs, but I push mine to the side.  I regulate the sugar and dairy in my kids' diets and make sure that they are getting the sleep they need, but I know I can do wayyy better for myself.  I have recently started working out, as I am getting to the age where the bones are creaky and the joints was time. :0)  I got a warning.....I'm not sure everyone does. or do they?  I will be one who listens before it's too late.  I have a life to live and my beautiful family to take care of.  One of my first thoughts when they told me to come back in 6 months was.....we will know HER by then.  We will know who our sweet little angel is and with any luck we will be holding her in our arms at that time (wishful thinking).  So when they see me again to recheck this little piece of darkness I hope I can say they have nothing to look at.  I am trusting in my perfect God to take care of me so I can go where He has lead me.  

This has been a rough week, but we have come through it on top with lots of prayers and guidance. 

Saturday, February 13, 2010

I WON!!!

An update on the family that is bringing home their Ugandan babe.......the daddy of the family wrote about the love that surrounds his wife--check it out!  Thank you for all of your prayers and donations for this beautiful bunch! 

And then there was can go here to see the coolest accessory for my coffee.  I WON !  I NEVER win!  So Love was right about God pushing me onward.  This is what I found this morning on my blog......

you won the [love] for Africa coffee cuff, sweet sister!! sweet little encouragement from Him? i hope you feel it. =)

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Uganda's Treasures

I am sitting here numb........from reading THIS and thinking about how God works in mysterious ways.  I found this blog through another blog and I am feeling emotional.  This MaMa is in Uganda to bring her newest little member home and there have been unexpected delays.  She is also a mother of two little girls who are back in the states with their daddy and she has already been away from them for 3 weeks.  Now she has been told it will be AT LEAST six weeks! Check out their story and learn how you can help.  I did.
As I have said before, Uganda is in our hearts and this would be our country of choice for adoption.  I have a vivid picture in my mind (also thank you to Love for sharing her adoption pictures) of what it would look like and I so desperately want to be there.  Deep-down Dic and I feel that God will lead us there through this adoption, even though Ethiopia has been named our "official" country because of their more-reliable program.  We were told by one agency that adopting families in Uganda were coming home in two weeks (which was hard enough to fathom considering we have young children at home), but then our present agency, Holt, gave us the more conservative answer.....that with the program being so new, it would be AT LEAST two weeks.  We would be considered a "pioneer" family, and anything could happen.  So even though we are struggling with that, we chose what we thought would be best for our family.  God will lead us.

And as long as I'm on the Uganda topic, I thought I'd share what's happening with our sweet girls from the 
Matsiko Children's Choir.
I received an email a couple of weeks ago stating that the ICN (International Children's Network) was in desperate need of help.  The home that was being built for the beautiful bunch of kiddos (who we hosted last summer) in Uganda was being used by another group of 30 children in need. 
So our kids were traveling back to Uganda with a plan of where they would be housed (temporarily-until this next group comes to the U.S. on tour), but a big lack of funds.  In that email the ICN was asking for 650 donations of $10/month to help with the costs. 
I received an update yesterday saying that in those two short weeks only 223 more families are 
needed to reach their goal!  Is God good or what???  These kids will always have a special place in our hearts and we are excited to see the next group come through SD.  The experience has changed us forever.  

Please go HERE if your family would be willing to give $10/month.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I'm working on it!!!!

I have spent the last two days at my computer....trying to get ideas for our fund-raising t-shirts, asking questions of you experienced peeps, copying and pasting images, getting prices, etc, etc. Decisions! Decisions! I know...they had better be good! That's why I'm working so YOU will want to buy one! :0) I want to say soo much with so very little space and money. 

  1. I want everyone to become aware of the orphan crisis from my t-shirt.
  2. I want people to know why we chose Africa from my t-shirt. 
  3. I want everyone to know that THIS shirt helped bring one orphan home. 
  4. AND I want everyone, guys AND gals to want to wear it.....and buy it!! :0)
So I have a lot of expectations here, but this may be the only t-shirt I design...EVER!!!! It's gotta be good! WOW....I'm really setting myself up here, aren't I? So when I get all of those things figured out, for the right price, I'll let you in on it. I know, I'm excited too! And soo ready to be done with this particular project (as usual, I've let it carry on for months).

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I Need Africa More Than Africa Needs Me

I have always LOVED this video---to turn off my blog music,click the pause button on my music (right side-in red) :  You can also make this piece larger by clicking the bottom of the screen where you see the four arrows. :0)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

we get by with a little help.....

Weeks are flying by and I'm trying to get all of our adoption paperwork done, so we can finally find out who this little wonder will be.  There are hurdles....lots of hurdles.  It does seem so peaceful and almost like it is just suppose to happen this way.  We still worry  think about how we will finance this great adventure, but with some prayer and time in the word we are both getting by.  In the meantime I have been trying to keep myself busy (as if that's difficult) and I have read the book Financial Peace by Dave Ramsey.....trying to figure out how to save every penny and turn it into wealth.  I have had a hard time since I started looking at Africa, thinking about the millions of people who go without, and I have soo very much.  At times I have a tremendous amount of guilt about my "things".  I have been giving more....of my time, my money, myself.... and I hope that it's enough.  I do get that it's alright for me to be where I am, but I also understand that what I have is quite sufficient.  I don't need more of anything.  The problem has been that, even though we don't make the "big bucks", I still like to shop...especially when I'm stressed...or bored....or see a clearance rack, etc, etc.  BUT the other day when I went to Target (which I knew would be dangerous), and found the end-of-season sales, I put EVERYTHING back!  Couldn't believe it myself!  See, I'm not a big spender.  I really dig the shirts for $1.97 and the jeans for $10.  But when is it ever enough?  I think I have my kids clothed until next winter, so we are NOT hurting.  Just in case you don't can really stretch the dollar....recession or not! :0)  So Mr. Ramsey, you have another student, ready to jump on-board!  Dave talks about giving a certain portion of your income and I think it's necessary to say that when you don't have much to give in monetary value, it's also ultra-fantastic to give of yourself.....which I did this past weekend.  
My mom and I drove to Mitchell, about a 4 hour drive, to assist my sister-in-law.  My brother took a job, rather quickly, in Alaska, which meant that he had to pack up what he could and head out before Christmas.  He left his wife and three kiddos (with another child in AR), to try to get a house ready for sale.  With children ages 6, 3, & 1, this is not any easy task.  We arrived Friday night and started working right away....going through each drawer, looking at every piece of paperwork, throwing and giving away as much as we possibly could. We also painted a bedroom!  Allison and I kept at it 'til 2:30 in the morning and Saturday came around pretty fast.  We were tired and we hurt and the thought that she's been doing this by herself for weeks just makes my head spin.  By Sunday morning I was wishing (and I'm sure she was too) that we had one more day.  We still had most of the basement we hadn't even touched, and her bedroom upstairs.  So there is some sort of a plan to go back this month, or next, to do some more.  A rummage sale is also very necessary at some point.
I am still really tired and my body is sore....trying to recoop so I can begin to sort my own house (mostly from the cool things I brought home from hers!).

We had our fingerprints done yesterday and sent them to their designated areas today.  One more packet down!  This weekend is our second parenting class for our adoption.  Our representative from our agency will be gone for a month and that should give us enough time to complete the next packet of info and be ready for her home observations when she gets back.  Then it's just the dossier.  There IS an end in sight! Yay!  I know I have some friends waiting on the edge of their seats for our adoption t-shirts to be printed--I promise to get on that!!  This week!! I also need to get our family pictures done to send out for Valentine's Day (since the Christmas cards didn't happen).  That's next week! WOW!
Sorry this was long and painful--sometimes I just need to write down my accomplishments and goals to make sure I'm in check! :0)
Peace out friends......Peace Out

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