Thursday, July 11, 2013

a note to my husband

i tried this yesterday on facebook and decided the whole world didn't have to see my message to you. today i've decided that i don't care who sees how much i love you. 

thank you for taking time out of your last few days to give me and our marriage what it needed. 
thank you for putting up with me and all that i can sometimes be. 
it doesn't have to be your birthday or our anniversary for me to tell you that you are an amazing, godly father and husband. 
that your giving heart is something that will make your kids want to be better people.....
like it makes me want to be a better wife and mother and friend. 

thank you for working soo hard to make it possible for me to be home with our family,
for us to always be together. 
i know it's not easy. forgive me for questioning that. 

you are my rock and my best friend. 
i've been a mess and you still hung with me even when i know you wanted to run.
 and now that i'm back, i'm soo happy for the reminder that you are the man i want to be with for the rest of my life.

i believe that god gives us these times to make sure that we come back and lean on him, laying it all down in trust. 
these are the times he gives us to make us grow and gain strength.
i know that this won't be the last of the hardships we endure, but i am grateful for this one more chance to see that you won't give up on me.

 i appreciate and adore you, dic chiolis. 


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