Wednesday, August 4, 2010

20 year class reunion--good times

2 weekends ago was my 20 year class reunion....i know, i certainly don't LOOK that old, huh?  tee hee.  here are some of my favorite picts from the weekend with a VERY successful outcome--everyone seemed to have a great time...myself included.

 This is my life-long, Pee Wee Herman-lov'n, Violent Femms jamm'n girlfriend, Jill. We have been friends since 6th grade, stood up for each other in our weddings and have been through so much together.  LOVE HER!!!

and our friend, Jeff, that we have been buds with from Junior High times. 

some great friends from long-ago times, all chums from grade-school and digg'n their time together.

Five out of seven girls who "hung" together 7th grade thru graduation--
i cherished this time with my girls!. 

   We had a great time while we could--it took 20 YEARS to get us all back together!

 there was some picnic-ing.......

a little boogy-ing....

and the whole class (those who made it) together again!!
20 Years....
it's a long time.

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