Monday, November 19, 2012

donate $10 to love a child for Christmas == enter a drawing for some sweet stuff!!

 there are children all over this world that are barely living because they don't have the basic necessities.....clean drinking water, food, shoes, a family to care for them......

there is a village that was built after land was purchased by a group of local (South Dakotan) men.
 it was built to give children and families a hope....a life. 
it's called Hope West Africa. 
and there is an organization that was created to support this Hope Village. 
it's called Bridges of Hope 
 You can visit the official website here--pretty great page. you can see the real children, the real school buildings, the real water wells, etc.

BOH has built a school and orphan homes (foster care for children living as orphans). it has purchased livestock and a well for clean drinking water. the children are taught by teachers who are paid by Bridges of Hope. and now Brides of Hope is asking for sponsorship for 300 children in the surrounding area to be able to attend school in Hope Village. with all of this, BOH is trying to teach the people to be sustainable, so that some day soon they will be able to provide for themselves without soo much help from the states.....but that all takes time.

bridges of hope needs our hands.......

here's our chance:

 i am now sitting on the board for Bridges of Hope.
 it is a organization that was started in the little town of Rapid City, SD. 
so i can tell you EXACTLY where your money will go,
 should you choose to contribute in some way. 
100% of monies are sent to Hope Village in West Africa to pay teachers' salaries, provide rice, purchase chickens, etc, and to support and sponsor the children there.
 my hope is to visit soon to see the progress in-person.

 you can go right to the Bridges of Hope page to enter your name (or someone you love) in the raffle.

 for every $10 raffle chance you purchase, your name will be entered once.

 so should you like to purchase MORE than 1 chance ($10 ea.),
you will be entered over and over again!!

there are soo many reasons i see a winning situation.

you will be blessing a child who has gone without.....
you will be pleasing yourself for giving a child a chance....a hope.
you will be entering yourself in a great giveaway.....
you can't loose.
look at these faces.

she will thank you....

they will be grateful.....

their future will be brighter

and hope will be alive.

wanna be a part of something BIG??

here are more details...............

Starting today, November 14, 2012, we are hosting the first ever 
We are so excited for this. We are able to offer 4 fantastic prizes: a brand new Apple iPad4 with retina display, a brand new Kindle Paperwhite, a brand new Apple iPod Nano and a brand new Apple iPod shuffle! So how do you win one? Easy. Entries are ONLY $10. You can enter as many times as you want AND donate any amount you want – increase your chances of winning. The fundraiser ends on December 14, 2012 so get your entries in right away. Want to find out more? Click over to the page where all the information is laid out: 

if you have any questions about the raffle or about Bridges of Hope, just leave me a message. 
this organization is very near and dear to my heart.

thank you for passing this along to every single friend/ blogger you know!!!


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enjoy!!....and meet (some) who you'll be helping

Saturday, November 10, 2012

~`~Surrendering to Something Heavenly~`~

 i can't even explain what's been happening to me lately.
 i know it's a God thing. 
i have learned through some really tough things the last few years what God's presence feels like. there are soo many times when i wish i could feel that presence and it just isn't there. 
it feels amazing to feel the Holy Spirit working in me. 

i have been at a loss for words. i can't seem to figure out exactly what it all means.
 i have this spirit. this energy. this passion. a love for others that i can't explain. i want to help. i want to give. i want to go. 
it's crazy how badly i want to go.

it's really rather difficult to sit still and be quiet and patient while He works on me and gives me answers.
 i'd rather jump! 
tell me what to do with all of this!

 i have been fighting for the orphans and the widows more than ever.
 is that what this is about??
 are we suppose to adopt again? 
(the kids have been talking and praying)
 are we supposed to move somewhere where we can be closer? 
what is it?

i asked some advice from a wise soul and was advised to keep doing what i'm doing.
 i know it's not up to me. i know that there is a perfect time for everything. i know that i can make a difference whether i'm here or "there". but i know there is a plan to go. dic has told me to trust and listen about that.....that it isn't up to us or about us. i am keeping my faith, as i know to do, and trying to be as patient as possible. 
and i have asked dic to keep an open mind about what's to come. 
our family has found a place where we trust God more than ever before. 
i love that. 

so in the meantime i will give of myself. i will care for the needy. i will support the families who work soo hard to give children a family. i will lend a hand when i can. i will fight for the widow and i will fight for the orphan. i will trust my God when He says He has something big planned for me and my life. i will try to be still and quiet and listen for His words.

 changes that happen in my life, i am learning, are not about me. these changes will bring glory to my creator. i am His tool. i am His Shepard. 
i have given it all to Him before.
i am prepared to do that again.
for the love of God.
i am ready for something big.
something's happening.
it will be HUGE when i figure it out.
i'm praying and asking questions.
maybe i'm not asking the right questions.

i surrender...... 

 to whatever you're doing inside of me.
it feels like chaos, but somehow there's peace.
it's hard to surrender to what i can't see,
but i'm giving in to something HEAVENLY.

surrendering to something

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