Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thursday, November 20, 2008

I Wanna Set the World on Fire......

...until it's burning bright for You. It's everything that I desire--can I be the one You use? I am small, but You are big enough. I am weak, but You are strong enough to take my dreams--come and give them wings. Alone with You, there's nothing I cannot do. Nothing I cannot do.

I wanna feed the hungry children, and reach across the farthest land. And tell the broken there is healing and mercy in the Father's hands. I am small, but You are big enough. I am weak, but you are strong enough to take my dreams....come and give them wings. Alone with You there's nothing I cannot do.

~one day at a something small.....tomorrow something wayyy Big~

Monday, November 17, 2008

Zachie Doo

My sweet 'lil Zachary turned 8 yesterday......

Can't believe it! He had a super-fun time with a swim party and lots of friends. This was the first time he invited school kids---and then, of course, there were lots of family members and friends. His big 'ole toothless grin was show'n.

This Star Wars cake was a big hit--one that I've done before, but he insisted on the same thing. He was Darth Vader for Halloween--but I see this phase passing very quickly. The poor kid HATES my frosting so he hardly eats my cakes anyway. He isn't much for pounds of sugar at a time---I don't get it. :0) I am soo happy that he's so cheerful (crazy, wild-child). His laugh is contagious and his smile reaches ear-to-ear. Gotta love the little toe-head.

Some of Zach's "groupies".

Buddies from school:
Tate, Renn, Nico, and Braedyn.
Zach was quite the character all day. Good thing it was his Birthday!!

That's my boy!! :0)

~Happy Birthday, my sweets~

Thursday, November 13, 2008

My Lukey

Anyone who knows my little Luke knows what a gem he is. Always entertaining....always smiling....and ALWAYS good for a laugh.

The big boys were in school yesterday when Luke and I were going to do some shopping. He said, "Mommy, can I have a new name?". So I turned around and looked back at him as he proceeded to say, "I'm really getting tired of Luke". I said, "Really!?"--in my normal sarcastic tone. I responded, "Sure...what were you thinking?" Then he hesitated for a couple seconds so I turned around again. He got a huge grin on his face and said..........."JESUS!". I had to look the other way cause he doesn't like to be laughed at. I was really only laughing because he's so damn cute! So, of course, I agreed that it would be a great name to have and continued calling him by his new name all day (and telling the story every chance I got).

I really don't have a clue what that little mind is thinking. All I know is that he has a HUGE heart for Jesus and how He died for us. He really seems to have some things figured out---and the rest he is constantly questioning. When his daddy mentioned what big shoes he had to fill, I thought I was defending him when I said, "He likes the name---he isn't claiming to be THE Jesus". BUT.......later on he asked me if he would have to die with nails in his hands and feet.

I think I was wrong........I think this is one little boy who is already living his life for Jesus and he really "gets" more than we think. I am in inspired by this five-year-old.......I am a proud mama.

It was a good day..........................

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Love, Love, and more Love

Katie continues her work and so I am her servant.......telling everyone I know about her journey and hoping that somehow, some way we can all make a difference. It has been said to me many times---"What about the needy here?" and I cringe when I here it...although I was one of those people before I was changed by everything I have read and experienced. I was one of "those" who didn't really "get it". God's people come in all shades all over the world. So who do we help? God leads us to that place. He doesn't want any of His people to go without and most of us have soo much to give--an abundance which keeps us from seeing Him and feeling His presence. I look at my "things" and know that I don't need any of it to truly be happy. These starving people wouldn't need all of my clothes, my decorations, the toys we indulge our children with. They need safety, and food, and shelter, and clean water. My heart breaks for them and I feel transparent with all of this "stuff". I want to feel Jesus the way that they do. And I pray that I will.
I will follow my heart.....I will listen to Him.....and I WILL make a difference.
Some of Katie's kids waiting to go to school in January 2009
5 babies born to one mommy

God's arms reaching out..........

Sunday, November 2, 2008

You know when God wells up inside you?

It's all about love...

His grace...

and more love...

~then we trust~

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