Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Still More T-shirts!!

We are still trying to sell as many t-shirts as we possibly can to help us raise the money we need to travel to our baby girl.....TWO times!!  I have some new colors and I'm soo ready to have them out to all my fellow followers.

You can purchase shirts to the right on this Blog page or email me at kchiolis@gmail.com (you can also contact me through email for sizing & color questions).

One-hundred percent of all shirt purchases will go towards travel expenses to Ethiopia where our little girl is waiting for us.

  I also have a variety of women's shirts in numerous colors and sizes Small thru XL for purchase that I am not listing on my blog ( too many colors). They are true-to-size.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

It's all about ME!! :0)

today is my birthday.  i am 38....i don't feel 38, and i hope i don't look it either!  not that being 38 is bad.......it's just wayyyyyyy older than 28! :0)  
ya know how we always write something special about our kids and husbands when it's THEIR special day??? well, i don't know anyone else who does this, but here's a little bit about ME......


i like to think that i'm a good person. that i do the right thing. that i make friends easily and make people feel happy. i like the person i'm becoming the older i get.  i feel the compassion for others is contagious and it makes me want to give of myself.  

 i have a blessed life with my little family.  i have the best "job" in the world....i stay at home with my boys. i love that i can be here to share their milestones, and funny stories, and caterpillar-catching.

i am married to a great guy who works so very hard to provide for us and he makes me happy.

i like my blogging and some face book. i don't like spiders or mice.  i love camping and beaching it.  i don't like cleaning or doing laundry.  i don't like cooking, but i love to bake birthday cakes for my kids.  recycling and eating healthy make me feel like i'm doing something right.  volunteering my time to a worthy cause makes me feel valuable.  

i value my friendships.  i detest judgment.  i have too many animals and not enough finger nail polish.
 i have a love for chocolate and ice cream, but have reactions to both. :0(  

 i am conscious about the ever-growing needs of the world and i want to be a person who contributes to it's necessary change.  i want to love on all the orphans.  
i will be able to soon. :0)

i love my life.  i cherish my God. 
life is good.
it's my day to celebrate all that i have, all that i am, and what i want to become. 
it's my birthday.

Monday, July 19, 2010


My class reunion is this weekend....my 20th reunion.  I don't FEEL that old!!!  Okay...some days I do. :0)  
And guess who's in charge?  
The person who said after doing the 10-year reunion, "I will NEVER do THAT again!!". 
And the same person who said, "IF we have a 20th (cause no one would ever take on the responsibility), I would be willing to steer the in-charge person in the right direction, but I WILL NOT have my name down as the one doing it all.".  
The same person who did the 10 year with one other person for a class of almost 500 people and now again with one other person with the same graduating class of almost 500 people.  
The same person who has 3 children and one on the way through a very stressful adoption and fund-raisers full-bore and thank yous to write.  
The same one who gets overwhelmed so very easily and has stomach aches because of it.

It's me.  

I'm happy it's happening because I volunteered to take it on.  
I'm so excited to see so many long-lost faces. 
I'm proud to have such a great turn-out though the only invites were through FaceBook. 
And I'm  anxious to see how everything goes and hoping that there are no complaints this time around.

So hopefully the woozy stomach will go away soon--from the nerves and the stress.
God, please give me the strength and peace I need to finish this week and get on to the next.  
You know I will be grateful.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I Need Africa More than Africa Needs Me

As I sit and think about this child of God that we are about to make a part of our family, I think about her country. The country I fell in love with. The place that God led me because He knew I could make a difference there.
I think about her family and how they are soo courageous and how much they must love her to want to give her the very best.....they did their best.

Some day I will have to explain why she is here with us as part of our family and not there in Africa with her biological family--the place where she was born and lived and raised for two years of her life.
I will have to find the words to explain how soo many people loved her soooo much that we all came together with the Lord's wishes and blessings to give her two families. She will always be a part of Africa...it will always be her home. And so God will teach us to teach her everything we know about this lovely place.


(pause my music at the top of the page to view and listen---I love this.)

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

New Fun Shirts!!!!

More t-shirts to sell!!  I have new colors and sizes!!  You can place your order with PayPal to the right, or email me at cholo5@wescomm.com to discuss which sizes would work best--The sizes in some of the shirts tend to run small. :0)

 New colors!!  
And toddler sizes too!

In Ladies (sizes Med, Large, & X-Large) (these all fit small--like Juniors sizes)..... 
I now have RED, as well as the CHOC.BROWN & WHITE.
And in 2X-Large I have a LIME GREEN--also fits small.
$20 each

Men's (sizes Small, Med, Large, X-Large, & 2X-Large) (pretty true fit) 
come in RED, SAND & CHOC. BROWN.
$20 each

Youth (sizes Small 6/7, Med 8/10, Large 10/12) 
$20 each

Toddlers (sizes 2T, 3T, 4T) (all fit a size small) in LT PINK, LIME GREEN, & RED  
$15.00 each

I also have women's shirts in many different sizes and colors that run a size big in Small, Medium, Large, X-Large.  Email me for details or questions cholo5@wescomm.com   

More colors coming soon!!  
Like hopefully today!  

Friday, July 2, 2010

Filling our time...awe summer!

We are finding lots to do while we wait on that precious baby girl--funny thing is....she probably doesn't even know she's being waited ON!  Here are some things occupying our time.....thank goodness summer is here... without a dull moment.    



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