Sunday, July 26, 2009

quiet days reserved.......

Life is so fragile and these are the times to embrace....peace and tranquility. More to come in the week ahead--we have the incredible chance to host a few children from Uganda who are coming here to sing on tour. We are blessed and it makes me wonder.....oh, it makes me God trying to tell me something? I think of it daily with theses opportunities He is giving. I will keep my eyes and ears open.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


We had a really great weekend with LOTS of friends and FUN!!!
We met up with some friends from high school--they were having their 20th year reunion and invited us to the festivities.

gett'n a little crazy!!
A little singing & playing
(Nathan & I sang together way back when)

Me & Amy--it's been sooo long since we got to hang out!
Jamie & Niki, Brian & Dar, Me & Dic

We spent the rest of the weekend at the Hills Alive Festival and even got to watch our friends play in their band (forgot my camera-dang!)
Luke & buddy Wilam
It had been a sweet, but long day (see hair).
Holly & Jon
Big Jon & Mimi

Cole & Zach found the perfect spot to jam out!

Monday, July 13, 2009

randomness with a downward swirl

Feeling like there's soo much I still wanna do and the summer is almost over. I can't seem to keep a handle on the house and laundry, just so I can get to the pool and park and Reptile Gardens with the kids. We haven't taken any big bike rides yet or even hiked any trails. And lots of friends that we have promised time with and haven't gotten there. Okay, so that's Miss Negativity talking.

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Our yard is beginning to look oh-so-fabulous, but still much more to do AND we took off after church yesterday to go to the Angustora Lake with some friends. Now THAT was fun--thanks Tanya & Kyle! :0) We also had my little nephew, Jace, for the day last Friday and my sis came over with Shayna to play in the pool. I'm soo grateful for that (even with screaming, tired kids).

I am trying to get just a little more caught up with the laundry and then a possible trip to the pool with some other friends today. We'll see......I told my mom today that if one more person calls and asks us to do something for them I think my head will spin! Not my normal reaction when my peeps need help...usually I'm offering, but I'm overwhelmed is Dic. He was asked to coach Zach's baseball team in a tournament this coming weekend. He said he would do it, but couldn't commit to having practices. After much decision-making Zach and a few of the other boys went to play with another team. And they have had practice several days in a row. I know Dic is feeling torn because he feels like he should help, but he also put in his couple of months as coach and dropped everything in the meantime. He can't be leaving work early anymore, especially during his busy time and it would be nice if he could just come home at night and enjoy his family (how could you not LOVE being with US). Plus he has a church board meeting and an out-of-towner this week on top of eveything else. Anyway, those games are scheduled from Tuesday to Saturday...and this is also the weekend for Hills Alive, which we love love love. So how do we fit it all in in.......with a happy face....with a happy heart? In the meantime we are looking for an open day to get sod for the chicken coop so we can take lots of chickens off of our friends' hands. Not looking good. My mom needs me to come mow her lawn......not really feel'n like it. My MIL wants me to come babysit the dead donkey until Bear Country gets here (a whole different story!)......don't have the stomach for it. And my favs. girlfriend wants us to do the pool today, which my boys would love!!! OKAY--so I know it will all be here when get back---that's my problem!! It's always here...there's always soo much to do and never enough time. Guess I'll take the first step and get my butt out the door to get the poor, hungry dog some food and the real skinny lizards some crickets. And I'll take that run tomorrow......tomorrow I'll get my exercise regime started. Ha!!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Independence Day 2009

This was our Fourth of July---it went on for days!!

This day is always fun, but also my big brother's Birthday.....just a good reason to make a cake!

Dic was inducted into the Post 22 Hall of Fame this weekend. He pitched from 1982-1985 and this is the 1984 team that went to the World Series in New Orleans together. Such a special honor.

The infamous Thompson/4th of July picture. This is the only time of year we can get everyone together, especially since oldest nephew Jacob lives in Arkansas. :0)

My 3-day jello we (I) couldn't bare to cut into! :0) It was just decoration for a couple of days, but eventually it was a delicious treat! Oh, and my cute nephew, Brody, think'n he's gonna get in on the action! :0) Not today, Brode!

The Chiolis, Washburn, and DeWitt boys (& girl) watching the fireworks from our deck. We think we have the best seat in the city for firework watching. We can see them from Arrowhead Golf course, Memorial Park, Elks Golf course, the racetrack and everywhere else they can be shot. The sky lights up and we love it all!!
Good times!

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