Wednesday, May 18, 2011

mommy in me

i always wanted to be a mommy.  
even when i was too young to understand what it really meant and how hard it could be
i wanted to be someone's mom.  
i played with dolls until way into junior high.
i would line them all up along the wall and take turns giving them my time.
i'd talk to them,
rock them,
dress them.
everything a good mommy would do.
they had feelings.
and i was there to take care of them.

this is me with one of my first "babies"

then when my baby brother came i tried to show my mom how it was done.
i was 8.
and when i was finishing up my last year of college 
(yes it took me 8 years to complete my degree...and yes, it was in education....taking care of and teaching children
i was pregnant with my first son.
i didn't want to be a teacher
i wanted to be a mommy.
people could see it,
especially my mom.
that's all i've ever wanted.
so i stayed home and played with my baby.
that's still all i want.....
to be a mommy
to him
and him
and him
and her.
again and again and again and again.
i hope He can be proud of the mommy He sees.
it's not as easy as it seemed back then.
things never really are....

and when i'm sad
i just think about
the mommy that's always been 

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


I'm pretty disappointed that my last post about my baby boy's 8th Birthday was deleted by Blogger while they were having problems.  I've been patiently waiting to see if it comes back, but no-such-luck. sad face. 
 So instead of whining and pouting more I will just post his cute face and give a few updates.  I feel like I am steering further and further away from my computer these days, so I don't post as often or read my favs. Blogs as much and I really DO feel like I'm missing out sometimes.
I'll try to do better. :0)

Lukey's 8th Birthday party...also the day his eye caught a ball :0(

 Luke was playing catch with some older boys, which then turned in to a game of pitch/hit...Luke being the pitcher.  Line drive right to the cheek.  

2 days later
 We took him to the eye doctor as the nurse from school thought he may have a damaged retina.....everything is good--TTL!

5 days and tired of pictures

7 days later and still cute as ever :0)

yesterday-9 days
 It looks better, except for the blood on the white of his eye and the bulge on his cheek bone.  I wonder what THAT'S from!!  And when will it go away?

He's also working on loosing his top two front teeth and one on the bottom.  Wouldn't that have just been pretty!!

He ran track this year at school and now it's over--fun to watch (esp when the weather cooperated) 

Cole's last track meet

running the 1600--soo proud of him!

One of the coaches gave the little kids a chance to run in-between races. 
Aregash was pretty excited to take a chance.

needing brother's hand this time, but by the next meet she was running like a champ!

She had her first dental appt--3 months after being home.  No cavities!!  Yay!  The ped doc. thought she had some decay in her molar--turned out to be a stain.  I think she's the healthiest Ethiopian babe I've ever heard of!  No parasites, no fungus, no snotty nose.  
Now how bout the breath?  Any ideas of where THAT comes from????

she loved every minute of it and was disappointed when they didn't b-roosha (brush) her teeth with the polisher.....she had recently been there with her mama.

Zachary playing his recorder at 4th grade spring program

Zachie is playing baseball when he isn't in school.  This season is a commitment of usually 6 days a week, which he isn't always happy about.  He is in the Major Division of Little League which seems to be quite the step from where he was last year.  He is 10 and it seems that the older kids get first chance at playing the infield.  We are still hoping he will get his turn as he ROCKED as pitcher in the past years--he's just a super-star when it comes to sports.  You would figure that the younger kids would get a chance too, as THEY will be there next year...and the year after that.  They do have to try out to make the team so they do have the talent.  We'll keep our fingers crossed. :0)

And THAT is what we're up to...just in case you missed us. :0) 

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