Monday, January 7, 2013

Melkam Gena!! (Merry Christmas in Ethiopia)

Happy Birthday Jesus!!
Christmas is celebrated on Dec. 29th in Ethiopia, which is actually January 7th here. 
We have talked about going to Denver for the celebration, but it didn't happen this year so I wanted to make it special for Aregash and also let our boys know how important it is to keep her country's traditions alive.

 We've never made a Birthday cake for Jesus so this was a highlight. 

Dorowat is the most popular Ethiopian dish....
made from chicken (doro)...and traditionally, legs are used.  
Berbere' spice, ginger root, garlic, and onions give it it's taste. It can be pretty spicy.
 Oh, and every person should get a hard-boiled egg.

Miser wat is made with lentils and some of the same ingredients as the dorowat, minus the red spice. Injera is a sour bread.....we love it, but it's pretty difficult to make.
Some day I'll try it.


Aregash & Mama in our cultural dresses.
Mine hasn't been worn since one of her "baby" showers.
It was time. 
She was soo happy.

Christmas is not the big production in Ethiopia that it is here in the states. 
The focus really is on the birth of  Christ, so gifts are not the focus (which i really love). 
 I read that if gifts are given it is usually a piece of this is what we gave the kids.......with a fair trade chocolate bar.

They thought this was pretty fun.

 My pretty girl.

 I am soo grateful that God brought us to a place where we can embrace another culture.
I never would have dreamed 5 years ago that this would be our journey.

A journey that I treasure.

"in all our lives, we experience mysterious happenings.
some call them coincidence. others synchronicity. 
and others, god.
but when you look at the world through the lens of gratefulness and thanks for what it is,
 life becomes an answered prayer. 

grace steps in and we develop a faith that hope is possible."
~living life as a thank you~
(a book i'm reading) 


Merry Christmas.
Melkam Gena
from the Chiolis family.


Captain said...

Beautiful celebration. I def think the Ethiopians have it over Americans on how they celebrate "Christmas".

Christa Upton said...

I agree that Ethiopians have it over Americans on how they celebrate Christmas!!!

Do you happen to have a sewing pattern for the cultural dresses? :) Looks like I could maybe make one out of a sheet... They are beautiful.

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