Tuesday, January 1, 2013


it's all about aregash. 
that's right....i have 4 children, but it's all about her. 
because i am feeling rather grateful. and not because i am not usually, but because i feel a truly BIG sense of gratitude when i recall all that she and i have endured together in the last year. 
some day i will tell our story, but i have to find the words and it isn't easy to open a can of share on something soo big.
 it must be done very delicately.  
i have to say that our relationship has come soo far that i am having a difficult time grasping it. 
 i really wondered if we'd ever reach this point....and i am feeling blessed.  
i am feeling true love. 
 i am feeling compassion. 
i am feeling peace.

 this past week has made me look at how far we've come and the journey that we've walked because there are soo many families right now that will not be soo lucky.
  families in-process in russia are in limbo and aren't sure if they will ever see or know their children. 
and there are those who have had their children home for a period of time and are still struggling greatly.  
my heart aches for them all.

 aregash and i have made strides in our trust and love for one another that seemed soo far away, 
even 6 months ago. 
it's something that most people don't understand unless they've been there.

most of us don't realize how you have to work for love, because it just seems to happen.
but when you want it to happen soo badly and it doesn't...... heartbreak sets in.

we don't have to worry about that now.
grace has shined upon us.
i am thankful.
 there are friends who haven't made it this far. 
but they will. 
god-willing, they will.

they will feel the joy. and the love. and the compassion. and the peace.
and their child will feel it too. 

they need us. 
they need families. 
through their hurt and their pain and their quiet suffering of loss.

they need to know that there is someone who will dream for them. someone will stand up for them. someone will guide them and reassure them. 
someone will love them because they are worthy.
 they are meant for love.
they deserve love.
every one of them.
every.  single.  one.  of.  them.
needs love.

and a family....
 needs them even more.


kareydk said...

Thank you for this.

Kendra said...

you are in my prayers, friend. God's got this.

Anonymous said...

Your comments resonate with us. We just passed the two year anniversary of our court date, where the Ethiopian judge announced, "From now on, he is all yours." The judge had such a soft voice, and our daughter sitting in the back thought the judge said, "From now on, you may call him Jesus" (spanish pronunciation "hey suess") Yep, we've come a long way in two years.

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