Monday, September 29, 2008

~Camping Heaven~

Our camping spot in the beautiful Black Hills. I decorated with some Chinese lanterns and lights and we made ourselves a home. We would stay there forever if we could..... We were there alone our first night--then Dic's whole family joined us for two more. Big tado in CSP for the Buffalo Round-up---but we just enjoyed the peace & quiet where we were.

Cole & Smoke just hang'n out....
We love this campground--can't seem to get ourselves to try anything new cause we have it all right here. The kids found a fort and a teepeee made out of branches that was left by other campers. Our last two nights we had a skunk rummaging for food and the place was a mess in the morning. I heard noises and opened the door to see if we had ourselves a mountain lion--just a fat ole' skunk.

We met a Grampa and Gramma who invited the kids over to their camper to make "cake in a cup". The kids had such a good time with them and the little cakes actually baked in a coffee cup in the microwave. Amazing!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

pimp'n the camper....

My little bro' put wood-laminate flooring in our "RV", as some would call it. I'm planning to paint the woodwork after the weekend of camping. It will be big--stay tuned for before/after pics!

We got to spend the last few days with our little niece while her daddy worked away. I helped...where I could....only hit my head 3 times and cut myself.
Can't wait to go play for a few days! It's been quite a few weeks of running and schedules! Time to relax!

~Sometimes pictures speak louder than words~

Inventive spelling is a big thing at our school......chuckle, chuckle. :0)

Friday, September 12, 2008

My Sweet Gramma

My Grandma fell for the second time in two days and she's in the hospital. I got an email from my mom that grandma admitted to being ready for God to take her.......but first she wants some homemade cookies. I have a hard time saying, or even writing that without crying, because I know how true it is. She's a sweets-eater.....chocolate covered cherries are her favorite. When I was little, she always made the point to get me and my siblings together to make cookies, or a cake for my mom's Birthday. She has forever been my little angel with her wisdom and loving words. And now, it seems, she's getting closer to that big place in the sky.

SO........I went to the store yesterday and at 9:00 last night I made her chocolate chip cookies. This morning I baked them fresh (I so sound like Little Red Riding Hood, huh?) and took them to her. I also cut some pretty flowers from the kids' garden (I knew she'd love that). She was about ready to fall asleep in her plate when I arrived. So the nurses did their best to move her to her bed without any pain--they were so patient and kind. And when she'd had enough and wanted them to stop I jumped in and bribed her with a cookie. I've never seen her eyes get so big! I've mentioned her memory going, but you wouldn't have known it then. They got her all settled in and she said, "Now where are those cookies?". I was afraid I'd hafta be kinda sneaky, since she is a diabetic and all, but the nurse was so great about it. Gramma was real cute with the chocolate ring around her mouth. I asked if she was still feeling pain and she replied, "What pain? I'm in heaven". And a tear fell from her eye. I loves my grams.
She remembered me today and called me by my name..... Sweet.

Thanks, God. :0)

Monday, September 8, 2008

from the mouths of babes......

Luke is real funny and truly isn't trying, which makes him even funnier (is that a word?)--and those things are repeated over and over and over.............
Here's the latest:
While driving with his mama, he says, "Mommy, I feel bad for you and Daddy because you're gonna die soon." So I explain, "Honey, you will have kids and maybe even grandkids before we go to heaven. We'll be really really old by then." He bounces back with, "Well, Dad's already 41!"
We have had the SAME conversation at the SAME stop-light about 5 times now~

And then there's this one from my Mr. Tactful:
"Dad says in 8 more years he can kick Cole out of the house."
(Something that his daddy, jokingly, said to Cole the day he turned 10.) :0)

"Who puts the bones in the chicken?"
(After he had a leg from Kentucky Fried Chicken)

Sunday, September 7, 2008

~Long Birthday Bashing~

Well, my little guy turned 10 years old this week----that seems so crazy that I have a 10-year-old!! I remember that little squished face when he was born. He looked just like a little chinese boy---and now he looks a lot like me, I've been told. Still his dad's complexion, hair, and eyes. But my facial structure and FRECKLES! That was one thing I was hoping God would give someone else's children--not mine. I hated my freckles growing up and tried to cover them any way I could. They don't hide so easily, I finally figured out---no matter how much make-up I layered. :0) They are a part of me and Cole loves his, thank goodness.
Cole got spoiled this week for his Birthday................
Wednesday (his actual Bday) we took him Taco John's for lunch at school (after I brought snacks earlier for 40 kids!) It was a big surprise and it's his favorite :0) He loved us~
THEN for dinner we celebrated with Grandma Gail (her 60th was last weekend) and my side of the family joined us at Casa Del Rey. Cole loved that!! Forgot my camera--dang!

Saturday we had his friends, Jordan and Ray over for the afternoon and dinner/movies and Ray stayed the night.

Today we had a big party to celebrate with family, friends, and a few school-friends. We had planned to put up some big bouncy slides outside, but the weather didn't cooperate--it rained ALLL day. But fun was had, nevertheless (or at least I had fun:0). I know they don't seem to be real excited, but they were GLUED to the bigscreen watching a movie. Like little robots, they walked in the door and hopped on the sofa. It was so peaceful--for awhile!! They were just conserving their energy for...............


I'm pretty sure Lukey is beating Sarah and his big cousin, Danielle---:0)
Cole could barely keep his eyes open during cake and gifts. He wanted a buggy-theme for his cake and I think he would have preferred some butterflies and flowers, but time got away from me. I think it turned out pretty cute! Don't ya think?
I love you, my boy!

Friday, September 5, 2008

moms crash too

I had a little accident yesterday---and I keep reminding myself (now, after the fact) that I am 36 years old and not in shape anymore. Anyway, trying to be the "cool" mom is seriously dangerous and over-rated.

So my good friend, Trine, wanted me and Lukey to go with her and Caleb on the dirt bike track (right off the bike path). Mind you, before we left I opted to leave my helmut in the car so Trine wouldn't feel bad (I mean, so I could look cool like Trine). It was during a school day so noone was riding (or watching, thank GOD!) I knew I could do the little hill--and just so you know mountain bikes don't go over like dirt bikes. So now I was high-centered....but I made it. And while the little boys were still scope'n the place out I decided that maybe going up a bigger hill would be the thing to do (can't get high-centered there!). I rode my bike up about half-way.....just far enough to where my feet couldn't reach the ground anymore (for stability, ya know?). Then my bike started to go backwards.....I screamed in a half-panicky and half oh-sh**-scream as I started to fall. And as I was going down I could hear my really good friend laughing her a** off. I landed with a thud on the hard, dirt-packed ground. I hurt everywhere in my body, but particularly in the left buttock area. So my bike is still on top of me at this point and my good friend, Trine, is still laughing as she walks closer. Real funny, right? Then I hear "OH DEAR". That's what she says when someone is in trouble--I always know that one of our kids is doing something wrong when I hear it. I'm thinking I'm dead or something. Nope---I opened my eyes after a moment or two to find that I was definitely alive and in a lot of pain...everywhere. I know she had to fight back the giggles and bite her lip, but she did eventually lift the bike off of me and help me up. I just remember saying "Can we go to McDonald's now?" I called Dic to tell him of our adventure and these were his sympathetic words, "I told you that wasn't a family-friendly place". The heck you did!! I would have remembered that! He was suprised that I didn't break anything, but I did screw up a disk in my lower back, according to my chiro. What's with everyone laughing at me? (Yes, he had his turn) Can't turn my head--so instead of baking cakes for Cole's Birthday, I'm doing NOTHING!! Any of you who are thinking what a wimp I am cause you take your kids there all the time.....well... you know what. Shish, Trine! I know you're still laughing.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

quotes from Cole.....

After his first day of school, Cole says this.............
"Mom, you know the worst part about having such fun teachers? It's hard to leave and come home."
How do I take that? I'm just really happy that he loves school so much--that makes my day. Cause I get him the rest of the time! :0)

and the school-year begins....

Cole and his best-best friend, Jordan (I would adopt him if his parents would let me--just love the kid), entering the 4th grade (Oh My Gosh--I have a 4th grader!!) They are both in the same program as Zach and they have AMAZING teachers this year. Cole was really excited to go back to school--we must've worn him out this summer! I had to bribe Zach and tell him he could finally wear his new WHITE shoes! Why do parents do that? Why do we save new clothes for the first day of school? Like they aren't gonna get dirty there! Crazy--that's why I quite buying "school clothes". And no more cute hair-cuts, or new backpacks, and why can't we use the left-over school supplies from last year since the used a whole three pages of their notebooks?! Just another day in their journey...... Only 8 more years to go, boys! Onward!

Zach and cousin, Haley, heading in to start their first day of 2nd grade. They're in the same class and have the same teachers Cole had last year. They are part of a multiage program, similar to montessori, where age ranges and so do abilities (duh). There is a big focus on "family" in this program, where the older kids teach/care for the younger children and in turn their self-confidence soars. Love the teachers cause they love our kids. :0)


Love this picture of Sarah with our kitty, Oliver. Ollie did really well camping and there were lots of helping hands, of course. Never heard of a cat camping, but then again, we took our baby turkey last year. My sister always says, "You have such a wierd life!". Maybe.... maybe so.

Camping with the "other" Chiolis' and DeWitts for Labor Day weekend. Just hang'n out with friends and fam. --a little Violent Fems session and yummy margueritas (compliments of SIL, Shannon). The weather was great-only rained us out the last night (just as the fun drinks were coming). An early night was definitely necessary...well, for the wimps anyway.....I put my jammies on, laid some towels on the chair and enjoyed my own company by the fire (with drink in hand, mind you) while everyone else sawed some zzzzzzs. Fun times....

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