Sunday, September 7, 2008

~Long Birthday Bashing~

Well, my little guy turned 10 years old this week----that seems so crazy that I have a 10-year-old!! I remember that little squished face when he was born. He looked just like a little chinese boy---and now he looks a lot like me, I've been told. Still his dad's complexion, hair, and eyes. But my facial structure and FRECKLES! That was one thing I was hoping God would give someone else's children--not mine. I hated my freckles growing up and tried to cover them any way I could. They don't hide so easily, I finally figured out---no matter how much make-up I layered. :0) They are a part of me and Cole loves his, thank goodness.
Cole got spoiled this week for his Birthday................
Wednesday (his actual Bday) we took him Taco John's for lunch at school (after I brought snacks earlier for 40 kids!) It was a big surprise and it's his favorite :0) He loved us~
THEN for dinner we celebrated with Grandma Gail (her 60th was last weekend) and my side of the family joined us at Casa Del Rey. Cole loved that!! Forgot my camera--dang!

Saturday we had his friends, Jordan and Ray over for the afternoon and dinner/movies and Ray stayed the night.

Today we had a big party to celebrate with family, friends, and a few school-friends. We had planned to put up some big bouncy slides outside, but the weather didn't cooperate--it rained ALLL day. But fun was had, nevertheless (or at least I had fun:0). I know they don't seem to be real excited, but they were GLUED to the bigscreen watching a movie. Like little robots, they walked in the door and hopped on the sofa. It was so peaceful--for awhile!! They were just conserving their energy for...............


I'm pretty sure Lukey is beating Sarah and his big cousin, Danielle---:0)
Cole could barely keep his eyes open during cake and gifts. He wanted a buggy-theme for his cake and I think he would have preferred some butterflies and flowers, but time got away from me. I think it turned out pretty cute! Don't ya think?
I love you, my boy!

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