Friday, September 12, 2008

My Sweet Gramma

My Grandma fell for the second time in two days and she's in the hospital. I got an email from my mom that grandma admitted to being ready for God to take her.......but first she wants some homemade cookies. I have a hard time saying, or even writing that without crying, because I know how true it is. She's a sweets-eater.....chocolate covered cherries are her favorite. When I was little, she always made the point to get me and my siblings together to make cookies, or a cake for my mom's Birthday. She has forever been my little angel with her wisdom and loving words. And now, it seems, she's getting closer to that big place in the sky.

SO........I went to the store yesterday and at 9:00 last night I made her chocolate chip cookies. This morning I baked them fresh (I so sound like Little Red Riding Hood, huh?) and took them to her. I also cut some pretty flowers from the kids' garden (I knew she'd love that). She was about ready to fall asleep in her plate when I arrived. So the nurses did their best to move her to her bed without any pain--they were so patient and kind. And when she'd had enough and wanted them to stop I jumped in and bribed her with a cookie. I've never seen her eyes get so big! I've mentioned her memory going, but you wouldn't have known it then. They got her all settled in and she said, "Now where are those cookies?". I was afraid I'd hafta be kinda sneaky, since she is a diabetic and all, but the nurse was so great about it. Gramma was real cute with the chocolate ring around her mouth. I asked if she was still feeling pain and she replied, "What pain? I'm in heaven". And a tear fell from her eye. I loves my grams.
She remembered me today and called me by my name..... Sweet.

Thanks, God. :0)

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The Love's said...

I am praying for you! And for your Gram.

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