Monday, September 29, 2008

~Camping Heaven~

Our camping spot in the beautiful Black Hills. I decorated with some Chinese lanterns and lights and we made ourselves a home. We would stay there forever if we could..... We were there alone our first night--then Dic's whole family joined us for two more. Big tado in CSP for the Buffalo Round-up---but we just enjoyed the peace & quiet where we were.

Cole & Smoke just hang'n out....
We love this campground--can't seem to get ourselves to try anything new cause we have it all right here. The kids found a fort and a teepeee made out of branches that was left by other campers. Our last two nights we had a skunk rummaging for food and the place was a mess in the morning. I heard noises and opened the door to see if we had ourselves a mountain lion--just a fat ole' skunk.

We met a Grampa and Gramma who invited the kids over to their camper to make "cake in a cup". The kids had such a good time with them and the little cakes actually baked in a coffee cup in the microwave. Amazing!


J, A and T said...

Sounds like such a great time!! :)

Amanda said...

Looks like you had a wonderful time! :)

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