Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Love this picture of Sarah with our kitty, Oliver. Ollie did really well camping and there were lots of helping hands, of course. Never heard of a cat camping, but then again, we took our baby turkey last year. My sister always says, "You have such a wierd life!". Maybe.... maybe so.

Camping with the "other" Chiolis' and DeWitts for Labor Day weekend. Just hang'n out with friends and fam. --a little Violent Fems session and yummy margueritas (compliments of SIL, Shannon). The weather was great-only rained us out the last night (just as the fun drinks were coming). An early night was definitely necessary...well, for the wimps anyway.....I put my jammies on, laid some towels on the chair and enjoyed my own company by the fire (with drink in hand, mind you) while everyone else sawed some zzzzzzs. Fun times....

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