Tuesday, September 2, 2008

and the school-year begins....

Cole and his best-best friend, Jordan (I would adopt him if his parents would let me--just love the kid), entering the 4th grade (Oh My Gosh--I have a 4th grader!!) They are both in the same program as Zach and they have AMAZING teachers this year. Cole was really excited to go back to school--we must've worn him out this summer! I had to bribe Zach and tell him he could finally wear his new WHITE shoes! Why do parents do that? Why do we save new clothes for the first day of school? Like they aren't gonna get dirty there! Crazy--that's why I quite buying "school clothes". And no more cute hair-cuts, or new backpacks, and why can't we use the left-over school supplies from last year since the used a whole three pages of their notebooks?! Just another day in their journey...... Only 8 more years to go, boys! Onward!

Zach and cousin, Haley, heading in to start their first day of 2nd grade. They're in the same class and have the same teachers Cole had last year. They are part of a multiage program, similar to montessori, where age ranges and so do abilities (duh). There is a big focus on "family" in this program, where the older kids teach/care for the younger children and in turn their self-confidence soars. Love the teachers cause they love our kids. :0)

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J, A and T said...

I can't believe summer is over...so sad. Sounds like you guys had a good time camping!!!

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