Friday, September 5, 2008

moms crash too

I had a little accident yesterday---and I keep reminding myself (now, after the fact) that I am 36 years old and not in shape anymore. Anyway, trying to be the "cool" mom is seriously dangerous and over-rated.

So my good friend, Trine, wanted me and Lukey to go with her and Caleb on the dirt bike track (right off the bike path). Mind you, before we left I opted to leave my helmut in the car so Trine wouldn't feel bad (I mean, so I could look cool like Trine). It was during a school day so noone was riding (or watching, thank GOD!) I knew I could do the little hill--and just so you know mountain bikes don't go over like dirt bikes. So now I was high-centered....but I made it. And while the little boys were still scope'n the place out I decided that maybe going up a bigger hill would be the thing to do (can't get high-centered there!). I rode my bike up about half-way.....just far enough to where my feet couldn't reach the ground anymore (for stability, ya know?). Then my bike started to go backwards.....I screamed in a half-panicky and half oh-sh**-scream as I started to fall. And as I was going down I could hear my really good friend laughing her a** off. I landed with a thud on the hard, dirt-packed ground. I hurt everywhere in my body, but particularly in the left buttock area. So my bike is still on top of me at this point and my good friend, Trine, is still laughing as she walks closer. Real funny, right? Then I hear "OH DEAR". That's what she says when someone is in trouble--I always know that one of our kids is doing something wrong when I hear it. I'm thinking I'm dead or something. Nope---I opened my eyes after a moment or two to find that I was definitely alive and in a lot of pain...everywhere. I know she had to fight back the giggles and bite her lip, but she did eventually lift the bike off of me and help me up. I just remember saying "Can we go to McDonald's now?" I called Dic to tell him of our adventure and these were his sympathetic words, "I told you that wasn't a family-friendly place". The heck you did!! I would have remembered that! He was suprised that I didn't break anything, but I did screw up a disk in my lower back, according to my chiro. What's with everyone laughing at me? (Yes, he had his turn) Can't turn my head--so instead of baking cakes for Cole's Birthday, I'm doing NOTHING!! Any of you who are thinking what a wimp I am cause you take your kids there all the time.....well... you know what. Shish, Trine! I know you're still laughing.


The Love's said...

I am LAUGHING!!!!! Are you OK!

J, A and T said...


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