Monday, June 11, 2012

the MATSIKO World Orphan Choir

There is a group of kids who touched the hearts of my family about 3 years ago (my blog post then). It was when I was just beginning to educate myself of the problems of the world and stopped hiding and acting like there wasn't life outside of the United States. It was a BIG time for me and I believe that God was doing something HUGE to my heart.  When I learned that our church would be hosting the Matsiko Ugandan Children's Choir I was like a giddy girl.  But at the time our church was a mess and falling apart and the families that had offered to host were pulling out. We were one of the families that had chosen to have kiddos in our home. I was handed the task to find host families for 25 children in less than 2 days. I was on the phone begging friends to help me out. And the task was accomplished thanks to some really sweet people in my life.

We had 3 girls stay with us for 3 days. And those 3 days were days that would fill our hearts, minds, and souls with love and passion for people on the other side of the world. It was also those 3 girls (and the other 22 boys & girls) who would help my husband, Dic, to feel the desire that I had to adopt a child...from Africa.  The day they left us we were all in tears, BUT the happiness that they left behind will always be remembered.
You can still see pictures hanging in our home of them....
forever in our hearts.

our Belinda (pronounced BeRinda....just like Aregash sounds like ADegash)

I kept in touch with the Matsiko Choir and asked them to come back again when they brought another group of children. And they are coming in TWO weeks!!!! This time the children are from Liberia, Africa and Peru, South America.
There were also children from India on their way, but their visas were denied.
Such a disappointment.

the choir coming!

I've been scrambling the last couple of months to fund -raise for them through businesses and churches and to promote their performances that I've scheduled. This isn't just another stop on their map.....this tour is an opportunity for these children to return to their countries and have an education, housing, clean water, medical care. These are things that we take for granted...that I take for granted. The funds that are raised will provide these children and other children with LIFE. Touring around the United States will raise awareness of the trials and struggles around the world.
I love how God is moving in people.
I love how He has brought me to this place where I get it.
Because I didn't use to.

prepare to be touched

Sooooooooo.......I have set up performances at our local Main Street Square, which is the hot spot in our little city of about 60,000 people. I am hoping for huge crowds of people Wednesday, June 27th!!!  And on Thursday, June 28th they will perform at our church....Real Life Church.
 I hope we can fill the place up!

I have faith that we will raise $5,000 in sponsorship fees as well as love-offerings at the performances.  I have received $1,000 so far, but have high hopes that the rest will come. I am still searching for businesses and individuals who have a heart for giving. We have already been blessed by a local dentist, D'Jonna Sewell, who has offered to provide full exams, cleanings, x-rays, and dental care on ALL 13 children of the choir, PLUS their chaperones!!!!  What an amazing gift! This generosity brings me to tears.

I am crazy excited what the Lord has in store for this group of beauties and I can't wait for them to bless the socks off of the thousands of people they will come in contact with in Rapid City, SD. Not to mention the fact that WE get to have them in our home and church for 3 days!!
You'd be surprised what 3 little days can do to a heart.

hosting some precious girls

Mt Rushmore....following their performance
sweet blessings

saying of our hardest days

Contact me if you would like to sponsor these kiddos while they are here!!

the official flier that will cover Rapid City :)
promotional poster for Real Life Church 4024 Sheridan Lake Rd.

Feeling Blessed????
Me too.
Time to go out and bless someone else.


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