Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Who's God?

In a car-ride~ Cole says, "Dad, is God a man or a woman?" Zach responds, "Come on Cole, God isn't a woman's name."

Monday, August 25, 2008

Rock'n at the Fair

This is the ride that my little tiny Zachary went on with his daddy. I stood on the ground wondering when Zachie would loose his dinner, and as it turns out they were up "there" wondering if it would ever end. Dic said he thought when they were hanging upside down (which Zach hated) it was coming to an end, but not so--they were only half-way there! Didn't help that the carnie in charge was on his cell phone! So that was it for my roller coaster-lov'n husband and his toe-headed boy. May wanna head for the carousel next year, my boys!

Slow rid'n and way more fun!

Cole & Lukey opted for the kind, more gentle rides. Just my speed. And I stayed behind the camera (which I love, by the way (got it for my Birthday)) all night. You don't wanna see what happens to me when I get on rides--scurry! I get sick just watch'n them! See, that's what's great about having three kids-- ~It comes out just right for riding rides~


Here is something I came across about vaccinations--LOTS of opinions!! Worth pondering, I think.
Newsvine - Newsvine Q&A: Reporter JoNel Aleccia on vaccination

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

D'Night was DeLightful

We had the DeWitts over to grill for dinner and here is what the kids all did! They roamed through the field in search of catepillars to put in the butterfly house. They hit the jack-pot! One branch had this mass amount of creepy-crawlies! Cool, but gross!! After several escaped the next couple of days, Cole finally took them back to their "home". Hopefully they'll eat every last weed out there! :0)

Jamie, Niki, and the kids stayed for smore's around our fire pit and James & Nik did a little sing'n & danc'n for us. And me? I got to laughing so hard at one time that I had chocolate and marshmallows all over my face! Late nights and good times---thanks guys!

Monday, August 18, 2008

3 Amigos! Ole'

Cute picture of the "posse" at a big celebratory dinner for our friends. They are adopting from Ethiopia and just got word (and pictures) of there beautiful baby girl. And man is she beautiful!!! Her big brother named her, even before he knew who she was. BIG reason to celebrate if you ask me! Love you guys! Look at the smiles on those little chicos, (even Jose' with his leetle cheeck'n!).

Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Boys We Kept

HERE TO STAY: Cody (Zach's bird), Sam (Luke's new bird), and Tweety (Cole's bird).

So let's see.........
Our dog is a boy, our kitty is a boy, 4 boy lizards. But we do have a girl cat, 2 girl lizards, 8 hens, and a girl duck. I'm determined to win this "girl challenge"! Ha!

Bye Bye Birdie(s)

Today we said goodbye to our two female cockatiels, Flower and Ella. The sweetest gal answered my ad and she plans to give one to her mother, who just lost a parakeet, and keep one for a buddy for her male cockatiel. We had five and needed to down-size to one cage. Although it was hard to seem them go, we're all happy they are going to a good home. Luke named Flower himself. Ba-bye, pretty girls!

Grandma Jo & Story Book Island

Possibly the last trip to Storybook Island for the summer and we had a blast! You're never too old for nursery rhymes! Raggedy Ann & Andy gett'n jiggy!

Our Grandma Jo is the best Grandma and Great Grandma in the whole world! We love her soo much. Sadly the last couple of times we've gone to see her she isn't able to remember our names, but once I remind her she perks right up. She loves my kids--she tells everyone that the only reason they come to see her is to go for a ride in her fun chair with buttons! They take trips to Kansas City and Portland in that chair. :0) She has always given me motherly advice. As a teenager she gave me my mom's perspective of things, and since I've become a mom, she has loaded me up with the essentials. She had six children of her own--and now 16 grandkids, & 14 great-grandbabies---she's a pro! ~Sweet Gramma~

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Slip Slid'n

We went to the waterslides today and although the weather didn't cooperate, the boys had a blast while it lasted. The lightning came rather close! Yikes! Not the place to be during a storm. NEXT year I'll actually get wet! Brrrrrr! Zach went down the Bonzai and this is his ending--such a daredevil! And Luke, at 5 years old, thought he had to try it too---scare a MaMa! He got up and said, "THAT was FREAKY--I wanna do it again!!!"

Saturday, August 9, 2008


For the last two days we have been at our friends' new house helping them get organized after another move. They came here from Florida and have been searching for a place for months! Jamie and I have been good friends since high school and Nikki and I hit it off right away. And our kids....LOVE EACH OTHER!!! Yah! They have five kiddos ranging in age from 2 to 12--three girls and two boys. We're so blessed to have them in our lives. We went to watch their oldest daughter, Sarah, in a play she performed in with some homeschooling friends. She was the beautiful Maid Marion in "Robin Hood". Gotta love that! We love that our kids will now be able to grow up together. :0)

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Brothers 3

Our boys posing for a shot at their big cousin's wedding in June. Luke was the ring-bearer (hence the fancy duds), and Cole and Zach welcomed all the pretty girls!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Today I took the boys to a familiar spot in the hills where we play in the creek and let the dog run. We have had sooo much rain in the past few months and the water was running over the rocks. So the boys and their crawdad-catching nets ventured into the water only to find lots of moss and, yep, you guessed it----leeches! Yuck! The older boys were determined to scare their little brother and told him they would suck his blood! Nice! I think it went something like this, "I have leeches all over me, and sea weed, and they're going to suck my blood!!". End of that fun, but the root beer floats down the road were mighty tasty!

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