Friday, September 20, 2013

Matsiko in our Hearts

dic was going through some videos and pictures on his phone tonight and he came across this one.
i was immediately brought to tears.

(pause my blog music in the upper-left corner to play video)

we miss those faces....those voices.
ya know, it's just like anything.....
the feeling starts to fade as time goes on.
but we think about them constantly (luke even asked me today if i missed them),
and talk of our time together a month ago.

fun day at Watiki Water the GOGGLES!

we aren't soo naive as to think that we are/were the only family that touched them and loved them.

a little bedtime arm-wrestle match with Diego (14) Sunnie (12)

we only know that every single time another group of kids come here through matsiko we will love them.

love....our first time hosting boys......Jeremiah, Diego, Sunnie....we adore them.
we have hopes and dreams for them.

a sweet reminder of why i love to do this every year. a precious bunch.

 they are a light that can't be put out.

FAMILY doesn't mean you have to live in the same house.....FAMILY comes from the heart.

we know that they will return to their countries in november, after being in the states for 10 months, and they will be changed forever.

all our the Matskio boys. there were only 6 this time.

they will have an experience that none of their friends or family will ever have.
they will have a hope that they never dreamed of before.
they will know they are special.
 they will return to their country and be a shining example of HOPE that everyone longs for.

our last morning together. a few tears shed, per the usual.

we are soo proud of each one of these young people and those who have held them tight along the way 
(thank you Don & Jennie Windham, for your vision of wanting to do more
 and following your heart and God's calling).
 i'm sure it wasn't an easy journey for any of them.
but they have/will make it.
they are the light and love......
of Jesus Christ.

you have blessed each and every one of us with whom you came in contact.
we will talk of this experience for as long as we live.
God placed our family right where it needs to be.
each time you visit us, we become more aware of the need in this world,
which is what this is all about.

we will pray for sponsorship of every child until every one is educated....
...until every orphan has a family....
....until every belly is full...
...until every child feels God's love...
...until every one knows Christ.

we will pray.
we love you all.
sweet blessings to you, Matsiko Family.

the chiolis fam.

Sunday, September 8, 2013


       i look at this garden.....
over-grown, messy, tired, unorganized, disappointed, sad, confused, heavy-hearted.
                                                         this is how i've been feeling lately.


i see these weeds and strawberry plants that have taken over
and i feel like i could just lay down there and they would cover me up in a day,
 and my troubles would just go away.

and then my 10 year old boy wakes me from my self pity to tell me that i'm pretty.
"even though you're standing outside taking pictures in your bra and underwear", he says. 
(at 7:00 on a sunday morning)
and i am forced again to see my blessings.

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