Thursday, May 31, 2012

first camping trip of the year

 it's always soo fun to be together as a family 
 in our cute little camper.

our camp-spot in the aspen trees....missing our big yellow dog.....this was his favorite time.
big game of wiffleball going on--someone is determined
it was a very cold weekend (as usual) was a must

all tucked in and watching a movie......i know, it's tough camping :0)

our sleeping area for the kids--all crammed in, but it's cozy-comfy

phoebe had 3 teeth pulled the day we left to camp--poor dog

aregash and her friend sam--lending a hand

hiking to the top of little devil's tower---he made it!!

always time for posing
our nieces who tagged along for the hike

the beautiful black hills of sd....we love where we live

the camping/hiking clan at the top

coming down--i love this picture

that was a lot of work and many calories burned.......time for a treat at the purple pie place. yummo!
and........aregash rode her bike without training wheels!!!!

and the memorial weekend comes to a close.
 cold weather, but great times with friends. 
and on our minds were those who lost their lives for our freedom.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

birthday love

luke and his daddy share a birthday on May 2nd.

i'm sure i've posted about this before, but i was on bed-rest for the last few months of my pregnancy with luke and i was also trying to finish my last few credits of updating my teacher certificate.
had a class planned that day that i finally went into labor, and i still planned on going! ha! 
i can laugh about it now......about how silly it was to worry about such a thing,
especially now that i'm pretty sure the only children i will ever teach will be my own.

morning birthday treat--a tradition
his daddy was away on a business trip for their birthdays, which was really a bummer for luke.
i believe that's the first time one of us has missed one of their birthdays....
pretty good really.
one thing we know.....
luke felt extra-special that day.

celebrating with some pool time with buddies and siblings

ten kiddos at a pool....
not sure we'll do THAT again. :)
they had a great time.

my 'lil dude 
with muscles like a teenager.....
a giggle that can make me laugh my way out of a bad mood.....
 a master of the obvious (always).....
and the only child who i can still get anything past.
 he loves his mama.
and i'll take that.
the feeling is surely mutual.

he is one of the best loves of my life.
9 years ago a new light shined in my life.

~~this mama loves her 9 year-old baby boy~~
Luke Casey Chiolis
May 2nd, 2003

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