Thursday, May 31, 2012

first camping trip of the year

 it's always soo fun to be together as a family 
 in our cute little camper.

our camp-spot in the aspen trees....missing our big yellow dog.....this was his favorite time.
big game of wiffleball going on--someone is determined
it was a very cold weekend (as usual) was a must

all tucked in and watching a movie......i know, it's tough camping :0)

our sleeping area for the kids--all crammed in, but it's cozy-comfy

phoebe had 3 teeth pulled the day we left to camp--poor dog

aregash and her friend sam--lending a hand

hiking to the top of little devil's tower---he made it!!

always time for posing
our nieces who tagged along for the hike

the beautiful black hills of sd....we love where we live

the camping/hiking clan at the top

coming down--i love this picture

that was a lot of work and many calories burned.......time for a treat at the purple pie place. yummo!
and........aregash rode her bike without training wheels!!!!

and the memorial weekend comes to a close.
 cold weather, but great times with friends. 
and on our minds were those who lost their lives for our freedom.

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