Sunday, May 20, 2012

birthday love

luke and his daddy share a birthday on May 2nd.

i'm sure i've posted about this before, but i was on bed-rest for the last few months of my pregnancy with luke and i was also trying to finish my last few credits of updating my teacher certificate.
had a class planned that day that i finally went into labor, and i still planned on going! ha! 
i can laugh about it now......about how silly it was to worry about such a thing,
especially now that i'm pretty sure the only children i will ever teach will be my own.

morning birthday treat--a tradition
his daddy was away on a business trip for their birthdays, which was really a bummer for luke.
i believe that's the first time one of us has missed one of their birthdays....
pretty good really.
one thing we know.....
luke felt extra-special that day.

celebrating with some pool time with buddies and siblings

ten kiddos at a pool....
not sure we'll do THAT again. :)
they had a great time.

my 'lil dude 
with muscles like a teenager.....
a giggle that can make me laugh my way out of a bad mood.....
 a master of the obvious (always).....
and the only child who i can still get anything past.
 he loves his mama.
and i'll take that.
the feeling is surely mutual.

he is one of the best loves of my life.
9 years ago a new light shined in my life.

~~this mama loves her 9 year-old baby boy~~
Luke Casey Chiolis
May 2nd, 2003


Deena said...

So sweet! Happy belated birthday to Luke!
***I'm so happy to see that he had a sugary breakfast ;)
P.S. I think he and Bryce are going to get along so well!

Kendra said...

they ARE???? when? :0) this summer...i'm hoping.

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