Wednesday, July 27, 2011

feeling frazzled

we are leaving at 1:00 today, when my hubby gets off work, for another baseball tournament (our first one to travel for) on the other side of the state.  we just got back from camping on sunday eve. and i have yet to pack the clean blankets, etc, back in the house is a mess, i'm not packed and haven't finished packing the kids, and i have A LOT on my mind. but THIS is what i should be focusing on.............

there is something i can't get out of my mind.....somebody stepped on my toes......someone questioned what my family is about......but in an indirect, non-intentional (i am hoping) way.  and i flipped out a little bit.  i usually do that on the inside, but i don't usually take things this far.  my heart is starting to thaw and i am feeling regrets and i don't know exactly what to do about it.  i give grace. i forgive.  but sometimes i also think we just have to let go and move on.  so why can't i?  
that's the first thing.............
and i've been stewing about it for a week now. :0(

then there's THIS.....................
my beauty.
our getaway mobile.
the thing i originally hated.
but now i love her. 
cause i made her look like this...................

and this........

and this.......

and she didn't use to look like this.................

she is my project.
and i love her (in case i didn't mention that before). :0)
but we have a chance to buy our friends' camper that has 4 bunk-beds......
just what we need.
but i love her.
and i can't decide.
and the price just doesn't seem realistic when i see what she's become.
does she stay?
or does she go?
i have people ready to grab on.
i just don't know.
and i realize there are people with bigger problems. 
wayyyyyyy bigger problems.
 i hate to dwell.
and i should be focusing on THIS.........

did i mention that as soon as we return on sunday, my oldest, coley boy, is going on his first trip without mom and dad to a teen church camp?
that's a weight for me too.
thanks for letting me get that off my chest
now to get packing.

and hoping to feel less frazzled once we're on the road and i'm  with all of the things

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

her first time camping

 more firsts for aregash--she was sooo excited to sleep in the camper, which sets just outside our garage all year long--she hadn't even stepped foot in it until this weekend. 
fun times. 
good thing she got her chance as we are selling it. 
this mommy's a little lot sad about it. 
i'll have a photo session to say goodbye real soon.

i love this picture--all polka-dotty! this is our bedroom in our camper--movie time :0)
1st boat ride--she loved it

such a water buff
holding her first toad--kinda surprised about this one

just do'n her thing...which is always pretty dang cute

mommy's birthday (and aregash's first time celebrating it with me!!) at the campground

camping is my all-time favorite thing.  
a time to be with family. 
a time to be with friends.  
a time to get away from the real world.  
if i could do it every weekend, 
i would.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

some little pictures of the BIG things in my world.................................

it has been busy-crazy since summer finally got here.  baseball, baseball, and more baseball.  and then there is company and weddings and swimming and all.  here are a few of the things i (we) have been up to.

my auntie lynn came to visit and brought INJURA!!!! for Aregash.....she was in HEAVEN

my brother's wedding rehearsal dinner. this is me, my new sis-in-law, and my sister   

lukey lost 3 teeth within about a week--he was sooo stoked :0) and they are already growing back in!

our hiking trip in the beautiful black hills with all kinds of cousins! sky-posers!!!...or something :0)
this is 11 of my parents' 12 grandchildren and our very close cousins--sweet day for sweet memories!

mama and the gang--my first picture with all FOUR of my kiddos

the wedding of the century--my lil brother, clay, and his bride, jessilyn--sooo happy she's a part of our family!

the wedding crew!! minus the cute little flower girls
the boyz---my brother had a group in high school they called the "great8"...this is all of them plus a few he picked up along the way--soo blessed to have these friends.  and i LOVE this picture (if i do say so myself:0)

my nephew jacob, who we only get to see once a year now with his dad living in alaska (jake lives in AR with his mama). 

lukey's last baseball game of the season and he FINALLY got to play catcher--my position :0)

zach's last game of the season--

the major league division II champions------the PATRIOTS ROCKED!!

aregash's hair-do for the week--i'm practicing for bigger things :0)

Sunday, July 3, 2011

all the glory to HIM

I still have 3 ugandan necklaces left to help with the expenses for this family. 

3-light-colored, hand-crafted by ugandan people...just for you :0)

 you can place your order on the right-hand side of this page.  

and almost everything i was selling for them was sold at my friend, melanie's rummage sale

except the tan rocker/ottoman :0(....hope to find a buyer for this!!

......thank you melanie!!! 

they are with their boys right now, just waiting to bring them home.  this all happened very fast and their expenses would be pretty overwhelming for any family.  but god is gracious and he will take care of them.  which doesn't mean we don't have to do our part to help.  
god was soo faithful in his promises to our family and i am honored to be able to help another....
even of it's only a little bit. 
and just look at these sweet faces! 

such a miracle!

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