Tuesday, July 26, 2011

her first time camping

 more firsts for aregash--she was sooo excited to sleep in the camper, which sets just outside our garage all year long--she hadn't even stepped foot in it until this weekend. 
fun times. 
good thing she got her chance as we are selling it. 
this mommy's a little lot sad about it. 
i'll have a photo session to say goodbye real soon.

i love this picture--all polka-dotty! this is our bedroom in our camper--movie time :0)
1st boat ride--she loved it

such a water buff
holding her first toad--kinda surprised about this one

just do'n her thing...which is always pretty dang cute

mommy's birthday (and aregash's first time celebrating it with me!!) at the campground

camping is my all-time favorite thing.  
a time to be with family. 
a time to be with friends.  
a time to get away from the real world.  
if i could do it every weekend, 
i would.

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