Sunday, July 10, 2011

some little pictures of the BIG things in my world.................................

it has been busy-crazy since summer finally got here.  baseball, baseball, and more baseball.  and then there is company and weddings and swimming and all.  here are a few of the things i (we) have been up to.

my auntie lynn came to visit and brought INJURA!!!! for Aregash.....she was in HEAVEN

my brother's wedding rehearsal dinner. this is me, my new sis-in-law, and my sister   

lukey lost 3 teeth within about a week--he was sooo stoked :0) and they are already growing back in!

our hiking trip in the beautiful black hills with all kinds of cousins! sky-posers!!!...or something :0)
this is 11 of my parents' 12 grandchildren and our very close cousins--sweet day for sweet memories!

mama and the gang--my first picture with all FOUR of my kiddos

the wedding of the century--my lil brother, clay, and his bride, jessilyn--sooo happy she's a part of our family!

the wedding crew!! minus the cute little flower girls
the boyz---my brother had a group in high school they called the "great8"...this is all of them plus a few he picked up along the way--soo blessed to have these friends.  and i LOVE this picture (if i do say so myself:0)

my nephew jacob, who we only get to see once a year now with his dad living in alaska (jake lives in AR with his mama). 

lukey's last baseball game of the season and he FINALLY got to play catcher--my position :0)

zach's last game of the season--

the major league division II champions------the PATRIOTS ROCKED!!

aregash's hair-do for the week--i'm practicing for bigger things :0)

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