Thursday, October 27, 2011

blooming blessings--9 months

i've been learning that blessings come in different forms.

first trip to meet Aregash in November 2010

what happens when the blessings from God don't look the way we expect?
do we deny ourselves these blessings?
of course not. 

first trip for court--Aregash with her new "stuff"

the fact that it's a blessing can leave us feeling unworthy.
that is NOT what God intended.
so we carry on.....push on,
with a grateful heart for this gift.

leaving to go to the US Embassy to be able to bring Aregash home

and then we realize that having expectations,
no matter how big or small, 
how beautiful or sometimes not.....
leave us wondering why we really don't feel the way we should.

she is "ours"...saying goodbye at a ceremony at the care center

and with time the blessing blooms.
we see what GOD sees.

fierce about the soda pop

 and we feel happy.

~you can pause my music at the top of the page to listen :0)~

THIS is OUR blessing......
home for 9 months.
and when i think that this is how long we mamas carry our babies in our bellies, 
i think about how amazingly well this child of mine has transitioned.
english is her third language.....
as if that isn't the most amazing thing in itself.
(sadly she has completely lost her 1st and 2nd languages, wolaytinga and amharic).
she has always been spunky and loving and sensitive at times.
and now the love she gives,
she gives soo freely,
the trust she has in all of us....
how do you trust when your world has been turned upside down?

all God's doing.

it is incomprehensible what things look like only being home 9 months.
those dang expectations have gotten in the way soo many times.

and what our God wants.....
he wants us to just be thankful 
for each day,
for each little moment,
for each snuggle,
and each kiss.

God is whispering,
"just do it,
enjoy it,
bask in it,
LOVE it.
the way that i 
 so i do,
and i do,
and i do,
thank you precious Father,
for my gift.

Happy 9 months HOME 
my sweet baby girl!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

give the gift of giving to someone in REAL NEED this Christmas


this is the time of year we begin to see christmas decorations in the stores and want to hurl our cookies because the thought of going shopping for some sort of "perfect" gift for our families just about sends us over the edge.  
i guess i should stop talking in third person.  
this is how I feel. 

i claim that every year will be different.  it has gotten MUCH better in our family.  we focus on the fact that this is not about us.....some people believe it's "for the kids". 
i say it's about Jesus.  
most people i know, struggle with the fact that because of traditions we grew up with and are hard to break, they don't know how to start over. 
i'm one of those people....or at least i was.
i was that mommy that would say "santa is watching you". 
remember that the REAL st. nicholaus......
the st. nick we have forgotten about over the years....
he loved God too.

soo.....with a recommendation from a good friend, i started a tradition which has caught on quite nicely.  each of our children receives 3 packages to open christmas morning.  only 3.  they know what to expect.  there are no questions about why luke got more than cole, etc.  they each have 3.  and each one of the packages is labeled either
"gold", "frankincense", or "myrrh".  

their gold gift is based on the REAL st. nicholaus and his gifts of gold 
(which is what santa clause is really based on).  
it is the gift which that child will cherish--something they desire or sometimes something WE think they will love.  
the gift of frankincense is a gift of necessity...something of need....not soo much desire.  
and the gift of myrrh is something that describes their character or passion 
(like music for a child who loves music.....a craft if she/he is artsy.....a puzzle for a child with that type of mind).  
anyway, these gifts are obviously given with the gifts of the wise men in mind.  
perfect for celebrating His story.