Thursday, October 20, 2011

give the gift of giving to someone in REAL NEED this Christmas


this is the time of year we begin to see christmas decorations in the stores and want to hurl our cookies because the thought of going shopping for some sort of "perfect" gift for our families just about sends us over the edge.  
i guess i should stop talking in third person.  
this is how I feel. 

i claim that every year will be different.  it has gotten MUCH better in our family.  we focus on the fact that this is not about us.....some people believe it's "for the kids". 
i say it's about Jesus.  
most people i know, struggle with the fact that because of traditions we grew up with and are hard to break, they don't know how to start over. 
i'm one of those people....or at least i was.
i was that mommy that would say "santa is watching you". 
remember that the REAL st. nicholaus......
the st. nick we have forgotten about over the years....
he loved God too.