Thursday, August 14, 2008

Grandma Jo & Story Book Island

Possibly the last trip to Storybook Island for the summer and we had a blast! You're never too old for nursery rhymes! Raggedy Ann & Andy gett'n jiggy!

Our Grandma Jo is the best Grandma and Great Grandma in the whole world! We love her soo much. Sadly the last couple of times we've gone to see her she isn't able to remember our names, but once I remind her she perks right up. She loves my kids--she tells everyone that the only reason they come to see her is to go for a ride in her fun chair with buttons! They take trips to Kansas City and Portland in that chair. :0) She has always given me motherly advice. As a teenager she gave me my mom's perspective of things, and since I've become a mom, she has loaded me up with the essentials. She had six children of her own--and now 16 grandkids, & 14 great-grandbabies---she's a pro! ~Sweet Gramma~

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