Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Today I took the boys to a familiar spot in the hills where we play in the creek and let the dog run. We have had sooo much rain in the past few months and the water was running over the rocks. So the boys and their crawdad-catching nets ventured into the water only to find lots of moss and, yep, you guessed it----leeches! Yuck! The older boys were determined to scare their little brother and told him they would suck his blood! Nice! I think it went something like this, "I have leeches all over me, and sea weed, and they're going to suck my blood!!". End of that fun, but the root beer floats down the road were mighty tasty!

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J, A and T said...

Your off and running! Let me know if you need some help setting something up!

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