Sunday, January 6, 2013

new to the world

I KNOW!!!!  Can you believe it's a post in less than a week?!?!
I just had to tell you what IIIII got to do!!!  
I was asked to be in the birthing room for my little brother and sis-in-laws baby's birth.
What an honor.
I have never seen a birth before. 
It doesn't really count when it's your own cause you don't get to see much....and then there's the pain and all.
 i had someone video my baby's births, but i know i recorded over the last one. ugh. the newest member of the THOMPSON family!!!
Riess (sounds like Reece) Elly Thompson
5lbs 6.5 ozs. 17.5" long

(our hospital doesn't allow pictures or video during delivery anymore, but i got to get some pretty awesome photos after.)

teensy weensy, but healthy as ever

the mama and the papa

proud parents--minutes after she entered this world

the auntie
 (Kenj is what they call me)

Riess 1 day old

and her cousins...
 who love her oh-soo-much

this doesn't help the "i wanna baby sister" situation we have going around our family right now :)

that's 15 kids total between me and my siblings

does anyone miss my music like i do??? 
 i can't figure out how to add music anymore since Mixpod died. :(

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