Monday, July 6, 2009

Independence Day 2009

This was our Fourth of July---it went on for days!!

This day is always fun, but also my big brother's Birthday.....just a good reason to make a cake!

Dic was inducted into the Post 22 Hall of Fame this weekend. He pitched from 1982-1985 and this is the 1984 team that went to the World Series in New Orleans together. Such a special honor.

The infamous Thompson/4th of July picture. This is the only time of year we can get everyone together, especially since oldest nephew Jacob lives in Arkansas. :0)

My 3-day jello we (I) couldn't bare to cut into! :0) It was just decoration for a couple of days, but eventually it was a delicious treat! Oh, and my cute nephew, Brody, think'n he's gonna get in on the action! :0) Not today, Brode!

The Chiolis, Washburn, and DeWitt boys (& girl) watching the fireworks from our deck. We think we have the best seat in the city for firework watching. We can see them from Arrowhead Golf course, Memorial Park, Elks Golf course, the racetrack and everywhere else they can be shot. The sky lights up and we love it all!!
Good times!

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