Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Clearing Out!!

The calendar is clearing...only 2 more full weeks of baseball and I'm soooo ready. It's been fun, but also chaotic. Now we have many projects started in the yard. We have yet to finish our back walkway that we started 2 summers ago, but last year Dic put in a new porch (which is also unfinished), and now he's working on the garden he's always wanted. We decided to only put in half this year since it's late in the season. Sooooo we were going to go camping for Father's Day weekend, but decided the fence must be finished around the garden so we can actually plant some veggies. It's on the outside of the yard so the horses, donkeys, and goats have full access if they want....which we DON'T want!! I have purchased more flowers this year than I think I ever have and I'm having a blast planting and moving foliage where needed. Pretty soon our yard will be one big garden!! :0) I have several things I'd like to do (like put a railing on the back deck and add pergalas to all three porches), but the one I know I am getting done is the chicken coop. We are going to add several inches of top soil and seed the nasty, muddy mess so I don't have to deal with that every time it rains or snows. We are down to 3 grown chickens so now's the time to do it! We have 3 turkeys and 6 chicks who are teens and are waiting to be added to the coop. And we just bought another 7 chicks to be added later. This is something we WILL get done. Maybe it's good that we're staying home this weekend. Oh so much to do!! I'll post picts of my pretty yard later--it's coming along! :0)

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Amanda said...

Hurray for baseball being over. It is fun, but it is nice to not have to worry about it anymore!

Good luck with all your projects. :)

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