Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I Need Africa More than Africa Needs Me

As I sit and think about this child of God that we are about to make a part of our family, I think about her country. The country I fell in love with. The place that God led me because He knew I could make a difference there.
I think about her family and how they are soo courageous and how much they must love her to want to give her the very best.....they did their best.

Some day I will have to explain why she is here with us as part of our family and not there in Africa with her biological family--the place where she was born and lived and raised for two years of her life.
I will have to find the words to explain how soo many people loved her soooo much that we all came together with the Lord's wishes and blessings to give her two families. She will always be a part of Africa...it will always be her home. And so God will teach us to teach her everything we know about this lovely place.


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Ms B said...

BEAUTIFUL! I need Africa, especially Ethiopia, too. Part of my heart was left there. My son's beginning was there. I can't leave it. I wonder sometimes about when we can go back, to visit or maybe move there. I wish more people understood the immense beauty that Africa holds, in it's lands and in it's people. Amazing isn't it? Feeling homesick...

Deena / TEAM MARQUIS said...

After traveling to Ethiopia, I can honestly tell you that I have fallen in more in love with Africa. You will love it! I feel like I left a little piece of my heart there when we came home...I had tears in my eyes while we drived to the airport to come home. You are going to LOVE your journey to your daughter. I can't wait to hear when that will be!!!!

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