Monday, July 19, 2010


My class reunion is this 20th reunion.  I don't FEEL that old!!!  Okay...some days I do. :0)  
And guess who's in charge?  
The person who said after doing the 10-year reunion, "I will NEVER do THAT again!!". 
And the same person who said, "IF we have a 20th (cause no one would ever take on the responsibility), I would be willing to steer the in-charge person in the right direction, but I WILL NOT have my name down as the one doing it all.".  
The same person who did the 10 year with one other person for a class of almost 500 people and now again with one other person with the same graduating class of almost 500 people.  
The same person who has 3 children and one on the way through a very stressful adoption and fund-raisers full-bore and thank yous to write.  
The same one who gets overwhelmed so very easily and has stomach aches because of it.

It's me.  

I'm happy it's happening because I volunteered to take it on.  
I'm so excited to see so many long-lost faces. 
I'm proud to have such a great turn-out though the only invites were through FaceBook. 
And I'm  anxious to see how everything goes and hoping that there are no complaints this time around.

So hopefully the woozy stomach will go away soon--from the nerves and the stress.
God, please give me the strength and peace I need to finish this week and get on to the next.  
You know I will be grateful.

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The Love's said...

I hope you have a great time! I am the first person you mentioned and I am VOWING not to be the second. :) My biggest memory from the 10th was all the complaining about things we did when no one else wanted to. I am hoping people have continued to mature....
This might be the break you need.

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