Monday, November 17, 2008

Zachie Doo

My sweet 'lil Zachary turned 8 yesterday......

Can't believe it! He had a super-fun time with a swim party and lots of friends. This was the first time he invited school kids---and then, of course, there were lots of family members and friends. His big 'ole toothless grin was show'n.

This Star Wars cake was a big hit--one that I've done before, but he insisted on the same thing. He was Darth Vader for Halloween--but I see this phase passing very quickly. The poor kid HATES my frosting so he hardly eats my cakes anyway. He isn't much for pounds of sugar at a time---I don't get it. :0) I am soo happy that he's so cheerful (crazy, wild-child). His laugh is contagious and his smile reaches ear-to-ear. Gotta love the little toe-head.

Some of Zach's "groupies".

Buddies from school:
Tate, Renn, Nico, and Braedyn.
Zach was quite the character all day. Good thing it was his Birthday!!

That's my boy!! :0)

~Happy Birthday, my sweets~


Amanda said...

Happy (late) birthday to Zach. It looks like his birthday was fun!

J, A and T said...

Cute pics....boy I am glad that I broke down and had a piece of your yummy cake!!!!

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