Friday, August 27, 2010

Love for our orphans is contagious

I love when the love for adoption is passed around the world and we all support one another.  OUR orphan crisis is REAL and it's BIG.  And to be able to pass the goodness on to our fellow adopting families is such an amazing thing.  Most people know who Steven Curtis Chapman is.....a Godly man with a GREAT voice.  Well, he began Show Hope many years ago and has adopted himself from China.  This organization provides grants for families who want to bring a child into their home (among many other things), but may be struggling financially to do so.  Well, a couple of weeks ago we were surprised with a letter from them that we have been awarded one of their grants.  What a blessing!!  So we now have the money to purchase our first two tickets to Ethiopia....hopefully within the next couple of days.  Some of the burden has been lifted and we are sooooo very grateful. 

And a couple of weeks ago I was approached when I set up a table in front of my favorite coffee shop in our downtown region.  The woman quickly noticed the poster-sized adoption fliers and told me how she has also adopted....eight children. :0)  She and her husband have many biological children as well.  Anyway, she proceeded to tell me that she and 40-some friends from her church are going on a trip to Israel in October and she would like to see how many people she can get to donate their air miles to us.  She asked "That should buy you a few tickets, right?".  I was teary-eyed and shocked that someone would put forth the efforts for us.  It was definitely a God-thing.  T-shirt sale weren't great that day, but I realized that I had been touched by a woman of God who loves the orphans and that is truly all I cared about.  I am sooo blessed to find the people I have on this journey.  More to come on that later....

In the almost eight months that we have been in this process we have encountered many people we may not have known otherwise.  My husband found out he does business with a driller who builds water wells in Africa to provide clean drinking water. WOW!!  (I REALLY want to be a part of that someday soon).  We have also been in contact with people who live right here in our town, but we may never see--also great thanks to Face Book for this. :0)  And it's crazy how many people have stepped forward to support us while we wait for our sweet baby girl.  T-shirt orders have come in beyond our expectations, donations big and small have been sent and handed to us, and prayers being thrown our way at every turn. We have been blessed. And we are grateful.  And we will pass on that love for the orphans forever.  Because this love is contagious..... 

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