Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Court date assignment!

Today is a GOOD day!!  We received an email stating that the high courts in Ethiopia request our presence for our official hearing on November 24th!!!  We thought all of the dates for November had been given out, and low and behold......there were more!  Halleluiah!!  We are soo excited--I may be the only one jumping up and down screaming but I do believe there is excitement throughout the house today!  We only need to be in Addis for three days, but considering the cost of travel I think we'll be staying a little while longer than that. :0)  And because our visits with our daughter will be limited this time we may do our extra shopping, sightseeing, etc on this trip.  But we WILL be meeting our beautiful babe!!  I can't even stand it!!  NOW I am thinking about all of those things that I have kept myself from thinking because we know it will be happening sooooo soon!  I always say....after Halloween, it's all downhill from there!  Sorry to ramble and I could sit here and vent my thoughts for hours!!! 

Very soon our Ethiopian babe.....very soon. 

Your mama loves you so.


Deena / TEAM MARQUIS said...

Yeah!!! Congratulations! What an awesome Thanksgiving you will be having this year!!!!

J, A, T and Y said...

Wonderful, wonderful news....congrats and hugs to all!!!

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