Thursday, February 11, 2010

Uganda's Treasures

I am sitting here numb........from reading THIS and thinking about how God works in mysterious ways.  I found this blog through another blog and I am feeling emotional.  This MaMa is in Uganda to bring her newest little member home and there have been unexpected delays.  She is also a mother of two little girls who are back in the states with their daddy and she has already been away from them for 3 weeks.  Now she has been told it will be AT LEAST six weeks! Check out their story and learn how you can help.  I did.
As I have said before, Uganda is in our hearts and this would be our country of choice for adoption.  I have a vivid picture in my mind (also thank you to Love for sharing her adoption pictures) of what it would look like and I so desperately want to be there.  Deep-down Dic and I feel that God will lead us there through this adoption, even though Ethiopia has been named our "official" country because of their more-reliable program.  We were told by one agency that adopting families in Uganda were coming home in two weeks (which was hard enough to fathom considering we have young children at home), but then our present agency, Holt, gave us the more conservative answer.....that with the program being so new, it would be AT LEAST two weeks.  We would be considered a "pioneer" family, and anything could happen.  So even though we are struggling with that, we chose what we thought would be best for our family.  God will lead us.

And as long as I'm on the Uganda topic, I thought I'd share what's happening with our sweet girls from the 
Matsiko Children's Choir.
I received an email a couple of weeks ago stating that the ICN (International Children's Network) was in desperate need of help.  The home that was being built for the beautiful bunch of kiddos (who we hosted last summer) in Uganda was being used by another group of 30 children in need. 
So our kids were traveling back to Uganda with a plan of where they would be housed (temporarily-until this next group comes to the U.S. on tour), but a big lack of funds.  In that email the ICN was asking for 650 donations of $10/month to help with the costs. 
I received an update yesterday saying that in those two short weeks only 223 more families are 
needed to reach their goal!  Is God good or what???  These kids will always have a special place in our hearts and we are excited to see the next group come through SD.  The experience has changed us forever.  

Please go HERE if your family would be willing to give $10/month.

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