Friday, February 26, 2010

Comments, Comments!!!!...........where ARE they all????

Did I ever mention that I LOVE getting comments?  I look at the numbers of pages that all of you read in a day, and very few people respond with a comment.  So if you were wondering if you should.......YES!!!!.....please do!!  I want to hear your thoughts and ideas and stories and questions!!  By all means use my blog as a tool to use your voice!!  I WANT to hear from you! And I will respond if there is something you'd like me to respond to.  I know not everyone will like what I say, which is fine because I write for myself anyway.......but let me know what you think.....KAY???? :0)   Glad I got that out.


Deena / TEAM MARQUIS said...

OK...OK... I will try my best to comment! I can't wait to have more to share on my blog as well! Hopefully the adoption process will go smoothly and quickly for both of us!!!! Have a great weekend,

Brenda said...

Guilty as charged...I love your blog and so excited for you on adopting your little one. I always enjoy reading what comes from your heart. Keep it up girl!

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