Friday, April 16, 2010

Hoping for Home Free~

Today was a rough day.  Today was the day that I've been planning to send out our dossier.  Dic came back from Minneapolis last night after many trips on the road in the last few weeks, and I sent the poor guy out to get his passport photos taken so I could finish up and move it out.  But amidst the confusion of....  
Do I remove the staples?  And why would you send it to me with staples if I'm going to remove them anyway?  And SERIOUSLY you didn't want me to remove the staples because it's too hard to get them back in perfectly?  And do you really want photocopies of our photos too?  And does it matter that one of the notaries didn't date her signature?  And I know there are two addresses, but it's unclear as to which one I use. 

Other than that is was all good. 

Oh.....except for when I asked the postal worker for a piece of tape for my envelope and she just slapped one on herself!  The ends of the flaps were NOT the way I would have had them.  Not with such an important document (I did tell her it was extremely important).  Then she took her "certified mail" tape and wrapped around the long way making the corners scrunch up even more.  I was cringing.  I said "Do you think that's going to be okay?"  she replied "Yep", and threw it in the pile of everyone else's unimportant mail (or so I felt at the time).  I walked away thinking about the countless hours I had put into this dossier....the papers that would bring us to our baby girl.  Should I go back and demand that she re-tape it?  But I just got in my car with tears in my eyes.  

And then I was okay.....

until I saw the police car behind me with his sirens blaring and lights flashing.  THAT'S  when I cried!!  I thought "Why God?  Why ME???  What have I done wrong?  You sent me on this journey and I am doing my best.  What is it you are asking of me?"  

then he passed me on the right.  

It was not my best day. 

So I pray that our dossier gets to Oregon in one piece, and I pray that all of the time and effort I put in will be sufficient.  I am praying for one more small miracle. 
I am hoping it eventually gets to its final home in Ethiopia, 
and then I will feel free.  
Hoping for home free.

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Deena / TEAM MARQUIS said...

YEAH! I am so glad your dossier is on its way!!! Enjoy the weekend :)

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