Thursday, April 15, 2010

I'm Okay

With soo much paper work to organize and complete and t-shirts to design and trips out-of-town to help family get organized......well, I can say I'm tired at the very least.  I am patiently waiting (not really) for my husband to get home because I received our certified papers yesterday and our dossier is ready, but we need one more thing....his passport pictures.  I've been pretty irritated--I've worked soo hard to get everything in as quickly as possible and here I sit...waiting.  So tonight when he arrives from Minneapolis I hope he isn't too tired to make that happen.  And just when I think the paperwork is finished I think about the hours and hours I need to put into applying for some grants.  It makes me tired just thinking of the things I have on my plate right now--not to mention Luke's Birthday in two weeks.  So instead of feeling sorry for myself I thought I'd make a list of the things that have made me feel ever soo happy and grateful.  
It's much nicer to read those things anyway, 
RIGHT?  :0)

~~Last week my sister finally spoke from her heart about our adoption and told me she's starting to "get it".  I couldn't ask for any more than that right now (tears are coming).

~~My brother's fiance' and her mama drew up my t-shirt design exactly how I've had it in my ten minutes.  (noone else seemed to understand).

~~The artist who is re-drawing my t-shirt design for me said he would work it in, in the next few days, rather than the two weeks he originally quoted (just when I didn't think I could take the stress of it any more).

~~The nice lady (and her supervisor) at the post office accepted my check regardless of the fact I had no driver's license for verification.

~~My wallet arrived in the mail with my driver's license and debit card still inside.

~~My husband is coming home after two long weeks of being on the road, and it's soo great that he always accepts the house for the state it's in. :0)

~~The mini-van is paid off and that's allowing us to save some money to help with adoption fees.

~~ Everything seems to be falling in to place.

I think that's good for today---NOW I feel better. Thanks for letting me vent.

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