Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter and the egg

The egg is a symbol of life.  And when Spring comes we see the birth of many things anew.  While we talk about the rebirth of Spring we also think of Jesus Christ.  So when we celebrate Spring we may do so with the egg.  Somewhere down the line the celebration of Easter and Spring became confused (or thrown together) and it became the Easter egg.  But the roots of Easter began pre-Christian, and according to Greek mythology, when the ancient Anglo-Saxons worshiped a fertility goddess, named Ostara, they would offer her seeds and colored eggs to please her.  The word "Easter" is actually translated from "Ostara".  It is also thought that she transformed a bunny (which later became known as the Easter bunny) from a bird, which laid colored eggs for the children.  In the earlier days of America, the settlers would recount stories that the Easter bunny would bring colored eggs for the good little children, which would be left if their bonnets and ball caps.

What a totally confusing thing for a parent to decide.  Are we telling a big-fat lie that the Easter bunny is coming?  Well, we were really beginning to feel this way, especially when it came down to all the questions.  Zachary was wondering how he got inside our house....and how could he carry all of that stuff?  What are we teaching our children?  So we told them that we still want to celebrate Spring with the eggs and the baskets and the fun.  But we want it to be known that we do not honor a bunny, or an egg, or the gifts.  This day is about our Savior who died on the cross for us.  It all seems to tie together now.  These holiday traditions sure are tricky!  And then of course, they wanted to know about........Santa. :0)   A story for a different time.
                                                    coloring eggs with my sister's family at our house.
  Easter dinner

Shayna and Uncle Dic

Lukey lov'n on Mkenzie

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missy said...

i have struggled with the same thing about fun holiday traditions that, in the end, seem to detract from what i really want my kids (and myself!) to experience during easter and christmas. it looks like you had a fun and meaningful celebration!

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