Monday, January 19, 2009

What a Day!!

Just got back from our day together...................
We used the "Book It" coupons from Pizza Hut that the boys earn through reading at school. Got ourselves some little pan pizzas and hung out at the "pick-up" store (you know, where you are really suppose to take your food and go? :0)) Then we headed over to The Journey---our wonderfully-amazing museum in Rapid City---also one of the very few places to go during the winter months. They have a star room where the boys like to twirl about until they're dizzy, or just lay on the floor and listen to the pre-recorded natives tell their stories about the universe. We were thinking of possibly going to the library for awhile, but we passed the Elks Movie Theatre and saw lots of kiddos entering with their parents. SOOOO we thought we'd check it out! Yeh!! Madagascar 2 was playing!! My sister gave us a gift certificate which I had in my sweet little hands (such a great gift, by the way :0)). As soon as we got home the boys ran out in the field to explore their "snow fort" which I'm assuming is NOT so snowy anymore. It has been in the 40-50s the last several days, but because of the nasty wind it hasn't been any fun to be outside. Dang! Cause I really want to be outdoors---with the sun shining---and temps around 75. :0) Okay, I know that's asking a lot, but I NEED it! I've hit a bump and can't seem to get up. I really want some good weather to soak up some good rays.
Light shines on the Godly, and joy on those whose hearts are right. PSALM 97, 11

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Melanie said...

I loved the part about the twirling in the Journey! :)....this is too funny...because JUST TODAY, Caleb discoverd the joy of twirling and getting dizzy. :) Your blog is so neat. You will be so happy to have these thoughts and dreams and celebrations documented.

I feel so bad we didn't connect at Christmas. It truly wasn't the trip we had imagined, being so sick and then the whirlwind of Christmas, then leaving. I feel like it was a blur.

I'm glad you are feeling better, and had some special bonding time with Luke. You are so creative!

Work is going ok, but I'm feeling a bit stressed. Please keep me in your prayers too, as I'm really hoping for another baby. It would just be so great to have a sibbling for Caleb.

I love you. We need to make a solid plan for being together this summer.


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