Saturday, January 31, 2009


for all of you out there who were wondering when i was going to post the finished product (i'm sure NOBODY had anything else to think about)--well i promised before (i wasn't the greatest at getting these shots) and after pictures, so here you go!! completed just minutes ago.......the bedroom: BEFORE........ and AFTER!!
i am still going to find some cool shades for all the windows and get rid of the valances.bathroom: BEFORE....
....and AFTER!! i didn't get a before shot of the kitchen area, but this was mid-process (just in case you might be thinking this was a cinchy job--WRONG!!). i primed everything once and then it took two coats of paint on everything---i forgot to ask for one-coat paint! uggghhh!

this is the living room area--woo hoo!!!
the floors were done by my little bro, clay, in september. then i painted all of the nasty brown woodwork the creamy color you see and the 70's (and this camper is a '98) wall paper is now the orangy-brown shown. i spray painted all of the hardware and knobs anodized bronze instead of replacing them. so i've been working on-and-off since mid-september, but the weather hasn't really cooperated. i know i'm probably the only one jumping for joy----OH WELL!!!
i'm hoping dic has no intentions of taking it hunting now!

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Karen said...

oh, you are the painting diva! I love it! You have such great taste in colors!

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