Thursday, January 29, 2009


No school on Monday for teacher in-services and so we did a craft--yes, I know, it's about time!! Of course it had to do with lots of sugar and home-made frosting! Caleb was over for a little while to play with Luke and he informed me that the reason I know how to frost cakes so well is because I go to Stamp Club with his mom. Thanks for the help, Trine. What a great friend :0)

I'm doing a little bit of a sugar thing the last week or so--makes me feel pretty crappy and yet I do it anyway. I question myself sometimes, but I'm pretty sure it's all about the comfort of it---it really makes me feel better.....until the next day, of course. After I ate almost two whole containers of ice cream myself (in a week & a half, mind you), Luke and I made chocolate chip cookies today (I'm doomed), and some very healthy (very nasty-tasting) peanut butter cookies. Sometimes if I only make the healthy stuff the kids eat it cause they don't have any other goodies around. We decided we would put these in the skunk-trap. We're certain HE will like them. And then we thought of Grandma Jo (I know, I'm rambling).......she loves pretty much any cookies she can get her hands on (if she doesn't have any we find her pouring packet after packet of sweet-n-low in her glasses of water). For any of you who haven't heard the story about my grandma at the nursing home--well, I'll just tell it again............

Grandma thinks that the beautiful aviary at her center is supplying her with the fabulous cookies she receives. She thinks that the sweet little birds (canaries--and the yellow one to be exact) are making her cookies! The bottom of the cage is lined with some type of grit or gravel and she believes it's oatmeal. So the birds make the cookies out of oatmeal and give them to her. I love my Grandma and I am so glad she is using her imagination--there really isn't anything else to do. :0)

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