Tuesday, January 20, 2009


my heart is feeling quite heavy lately and i am patiently (or maybe impatiently) waiting for God to step in and take the lead. in the meantime i found a little something in a book i was reading.
Self-love is something many of us lose sight of along the way. We learn to take care of others but not ourselves, and we get rewarded in insignificant ways for our selflessness. Often we get tricked into thinking it's too selfish to take loving care of ourselves when we could be taking care of our children, our spouses, our partners, our parents, our bosses. The truth is, we can't really be there for the other people in our lives until we're first there for ourselves.
How often do you feel burned out from tending to everyone else's needs and resentful toward those people in your life? This resentment creeps into everything you do, and into your relationships. Ultimately, no one is happy, and no one feels well. If you would just give to yourself generously, you will have plenty to give to everyone else.
Some might find the concept of self-love to be elusive. They may have a negative body image or think they're not pretty enough, which poisons their attitude toward themselves. A big part of self-love is accepting how you look, and realizing that when you love yourself, you are naturally beautiful. Beauty is not defined by society's model standards, which change all the time. Everyone is beautiful in their own, unique ways, and we radiate our beauty when we love and accept ourselves.
Finding and adopting self-love is easier than you think. It begins with telling yourself that you deserve to treat yourself well.

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Auntie Mare said...

Dearie, Luther just showed me your blog, and I'm so amazed at your increasingly lovely talents of writing and photography! I know your boys will be repeating your hoped for phrase many time in their lives! I'm proud of you and your priorities, and love the music! Hugs, Auntie

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