Wednesday, May 1, 2013

My Birthday Boy(s)...update

Happy Birthday to my May 2nd Birthday boys.....

Luke is 10

2012 Birthdays

I remember the day well....
I had been on bed-rest for the last 3-4 months of my pregnancy and I had a class to finish to get my teacher re-certification.  
I was bound and determined to make it to the class.....
labor. or not.
My body chose labor.
It was facinating.
 And if I would have had my way, Luke would have been born at home.
My contractions were only a minute apart when we left the house.
Thinking this could be my last pregnancy, I invited several of my friends to join us.
I was finally going to get my girl and our family would be complete.....
or so I thought.
 Luke was the best Birthday gift Dic ever received.
Thank goodness.....
cause I didn't have time to shop.

Luke 1 year old...2004

 I lost my 2005 picture file of Lukey's 2nd Birthday :(

Luke 3 years...2006

4 years... 2007

5 years... 2008

6 years... 2009

7 years... 2010 he chose the same cake as his 4th Birthday--I had kept all the little fondant people. whew!

8 years old...2011 that very day he took a line drive in the face playing with big boys at his brother's baseball game. :(

and 9 years...2012 his first party away from home. he took several friends to our indoor water park

my big 10-year-old birthday boy!!

my sweet boy who still kisses me on the cheek for no reason and tells me i look pretty.
the little brother who the other kids choose to watch when we pull out the home-movies cause he's always been soo stink'n funny.
the kid who worries about big foot being real, but continues to watch documentaries at grandma's regardless.....and his next desired movie....JAWS (yea right).
the dude who has more muscles than many grown men (seriously...the kid is ripped).
the child of God who prayed for a baby sister.....and received.
the kind soul who writes his mommy "i'm sorry" letters when he disappoints her.
the little man who made us call him JESUS for 2 weeks straight.
the one who, after trying a new dinner says,
"No offense, Mom, but that was horrible".
the tender heart who has such compassion for others that he stared at the crucifix for several days at a time because he was soo worried about the nails in our Savior's hands and feet.

the baby and child and boy,

whom i totally believe.

will change the world.

happy birth-day to you my son.

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